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Know the neobanks that you must take into account for your operations

Technology has managed to reach every corner of our day to day, changing everything we already knew for much more advanced things. In this opportunity, we will tell you how technology and finances have combined to make way for neo-bancos.

What about traditional banks?

Traditional banks are increasingly hated by people who value their time and can not lose it in carrying out cumbersome and unproductive procedures, so the emergence of digital entities has been a great relief. However, many people feel indecisive between one option and another.

A new way of looking at the bank Neobanks are entities that provide services very similar to traditional banks with the exception that all processes are carried out over the Internet. In this sense, you can find two main types of neobanks as indicated by BBVA, which are:

Companies that do not have banking licenses, but offer their clients a related service. Its operation depends on the use of a traditional bank to process transactions or a partnership model. Among its features is to improve the user experience.

Companies that seek to become banks all in one from the beginning. For their operation they require banking licenses, so they do not usually use traditional banks or distribution channels. Its operation is based on a mobile version.

Both options are indicated for people who want to have an account in a neobank. However, due to its operation and quality of service, see which Capitalista Ninja recommends to guide you in the best service you can count on.

A comparison: Revolut vs N26

His comparison between two well-known options such as the N26 and Revolut can help you get started in this world without losing too much.

Revolut, on the other hand, offers the possibility of having money in the account of different currencies without problems, ideal for people who work in other countries. In addition, you can have money instantly in your account from your traditional bank, although it has problems to pay tolls or gas stations.

For its part, N26 has the advantages of not having commissions for transactions, you can have your MasterCard debit card for free with just having your account and provides promotional codes for discounts to your customers. However, when it comes to loading money, the process will not be done immediately, which is a key disadvantage.

Banking entities that you should consider

The two previously mentioned may be very good, but they are not the only ones, so we will give you some other alternatives so you can find the one that best suits you.

Atom Bank This financial institution is disenchanted with the branches in the streets and decided to launch an application that allows its clients to manage their money without problems from wherever they are, whenever they want.

Its status is due to the fact that it is the most innovative Fintech of KPMG in the United Kingdom, as well as the eighth in the world, with the aim of completely revolutionizing the opaque and obsolete form with which banking entities are currently maintained.

Original bank Its operation is 100% digital, allowing its users to open their current accounts without having to move from the site where they are, making transactions much more agile and without setbacks.

Bank Mobile Your platform offers a completely free banking experience so you can use it without paying attention to taxes and commissions. It also allows you to manage your finances in an affordable way, without effort, giving you a financially strengthened service.

Neobanking system Neobanks were born as an alternative to traditional banks, so they are a good option if you find yourself tired of wasting your time in your usual banking institution.

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