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Learn To Speak Italian With This Lifelike Free Online Reader

Maybe you are learning Italian because you like the language. Maybe it’s because you have Italian blood running through your veins. Or maybe you’re planning to spend summer in a beautiful Italian village on the Mediterranean coast grabbing some of the best food in the world.

Anyway, learning a language requires developing both written and spoken skills. And the best way to accomplish that is by practicing constantly.

So you’ve been studying verbs, pronouns, and vocabulary from an app or a book. But, to be honest, how many times have you listened and practiced comprehension?

Sure, a Netflix series may help but nothing’s more practical than listening to a text while you read it. Thay way, you’ll be able to deeply understand how words are pronounced.

If you’re still considering this, you have to sign up at, this free online software will do the text-to-speech you need to improve your Italian skills.  


In recent years, text-to-speech tools and APIs have come a long way, especially when it comes to translating formats like PDF and Docx to sound. You can now have it read in any language you desire.

Woord is one of the most popular APIs for having your text read to you in a variety of accents and voices. Imagine having access to all of your options while still receiving real-time individualized attention. You can also create your own sounds and TTS for use in videos or for personal usage.

How To Use Woord:

Simply input a single word or phrase, or copy and paste any content.

Choose a speaking rate that is comfortable for you.

Begin at any point in the text.

You are free to replay the text as many times as you want.

Use Woord To: 

This server can help you enhance your listening, speaking, and pronouncing abilities. While doing something else, listen to any printed items in authentic voices.

To assist visually impaired persons, entertain them, or educate them, create an audio version of the textual information. TTS Reader transforms any text into a natural-sounding male voice from any country. While being paused, continue speaking from where you left off.

The Various Types Of Voices

Change the speech frequency to slow or speed up the voice. You are free to listen to the audio recording as often as you like. A guy or a woman can give a speech in several situations.

If you need free text-to-speech reader help for Australian English, French, American English, Canadian English, or Brazilian Portuguese, Woord is another option.

Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, English, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and other languages are supported by the text-to-speech reader.

You can also use teenagers’ and children’s voices.

It is available on all platforms.

It’s a simple tool that can read any text for you and convert papers and Web sites into audio files for IOS devices, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks rather than being distracted by the monitor or screen simultaneously.

Woord is a free software for Windows and Mac OS X that lets you read a variety of materials, including webpages, blogs, text files, PDF documents, ePub files, and more.

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