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Looking to convert your blog into a Podcast? Check this start-up company

Grow and engage with your audience by converting existing blog posts to podcasts.

When having a blog, you might want to expand your audience and reach a broader number of internet users who rely on audio and other mediums of communication apart from written text and graphics.

For this, you will need to know how to convert your blog posts to downloadable mp3 audio formats. This will not only make your blog more popular but also give you more opportunities to market your content as more users gain the ability to interact with you giving you more insights on how to develop the blog to meet their needs.

What is the best tool to convert blog posts into audio?

We have the answer: Woord

Woord generates instant audio for articles using realistic voices. If you would like to offer your users a more convenient way of consuming your content and engage your users, then you should give this tool a try.


These are some of the features this tool provides:

  1. Increases user engagement on website.
  2. Converts articles into audio for users to listen to your content.
  3. Increases the time users spend on your website
  4. Increases SEO with meta data provided by Embedded Player
  5. Provides easy shareablity of your articles as audio on Twitter & Facebook.
  6. One-click convert and add a player to all of your blog posts
  7. Select where you’d want to place the player
  8. Select your default gender voice
  9. Choose your preferred language
  10. Add a post excerpt into the audio player

For Medium or WordPress users, they have a chrome extension to convert each article into a mp3 file. Just in 2 clicks.

Which languages are supported?

Different Varieties of the English Language (US, UK, Australia and India).

Is Woord a free service?

Woord is a free service up to 10 audios/articles . After that is only $29 per month for unlimited audios/articles. You can sign up and purchase your subscription at

Promote your podcast

When your podcast episodes are ready for download from Woord, don’t expect to send them out into the world and have tons of people flocking to listen to them — you’ve got to promote them. After you’ve put them up on the platform of your choosing, whether it’s your own website or a media hosting platform like Buzzsprout, you’ve got to let people know it exists.

Start promoting your podcast episodes on all of your social media accounts and send an announcement message to your email subscribers. You should also consider making a blog post announcing your podcast episodes and in the future, all of your posts should include information about where to find your podcast as well. What are you waiting for? Take these tips and start turning your awesome blog posts into entertaining, engaging audio podcasts that will delight your current fans and turn avid podcast listeners into customers.

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