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Main API To Obtain The Historical Price Of Electricity In France

Determining the “best” API for Electricity France Historical Price depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the most suitable API for your requirements:

  1. Consider Your Data Needs: How far back do you need historical data, and what level of granularity is important for your analysis?
  2. Evaluate Pricing: Compare the pricing models of different APIs. Some offer free options, while others have paid plans with various tiers catering to different needs.
  3. Assess API Usability: Check the documentation and examples provided by each API. An easy-to-integrate API is crucial for a smooth project development process.
  4. Focus on Reliability and Data Quality: Ensure the API has a good track record and relies on trustworthy data sources to provide accurate information.

Recommendation For Electricity France Historical Price

Choosing the right API depends on your unique requirements. If you need extensive historical data and real-time updates, The Best API for Electricity France Historical Price must offer:

  • Extensive historical data coverage (up to 5 years).
  • Real-time and historical data for France electricity.
  • User-friendly API with detailed documentation.
  • Free trial available
Main API To Obtain The Historical Price Of Electricity In France
Elelctricite de France

Commodities-API: The Best Electricity France Historical Prices

Commodities-API is a versatile tool designed for accessing current and historical commodity rates, offering benefits for various industries, including energy. Here’s a glimpse into why it stands out for Electricity France Historical Price:

Business Model: Similar to Metals-API, Commodities-API operates on updated commodity rates, covering a range from sugar and wheat to oil and metals. The data accuracy of 2 decimal places is refreshed every hour, ten minutes, or sixty seconds, depending on the client’s chosen plan.

Value Proposition: The API provides access to raw material data in real-time through a JSON interface. What sets it apart is its adaptability to more than 170 global currencies, including cryptocurrencies, offering a broad spectrum of usability.

How To Get Electricity France Historical Prices: Commodities-API

  1. Sign up to Commodities-API:
    • Your API Key is your gateway to Commodities-API. Keep it secure, as it’s resettable in your Account Dashboard.
  2. Explore API Endpoints:
    • The five main API endpoints—Latest, Historical, Convert, Time-Series, and Fluctuation—serve different data purposes.
  3. Understand API Response:
    • Values in the API response for commodities prices need to be divided by 1, with returns based on the base currency.
  4. Integration into Your Application:
    • The final step involves integrating the API into your application using the provided documentation. The API’s Documentation offers in-depth guides and code examples.
Main API To Obtain The Historical Price Of Electricity In France


Endpoint: Historical

Historical rates are available for most currencies since August 2021. You can query the Commodities-API for historical rates by appending a date (format YYYY-MM-DD) to the base URL.

// "historical" endpoint - request historical rates for a specific day
? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY 
& base = USD 
& symbols = FR-EL

Endpoint: Time-Series

// "timeseries" endpoint - request exchange rates for a specific period of time
? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY & start_date = YYYY-MM-DD & end_date = YYYY-MM-DD 
& base = USD 
& symbols = FR-EL

This example merely scratches the surface of Commodities-API. For comprehensive integration guides and code examples, refer to the API’s Documentation. For any assistance, feel free to reach out to [email protected].


Choosing the right API is pivotal for obtaining accurate Electricity France Historical Price. Commodities-API emerges as a frontrunner, offering a robust combination of extensive historical data, real-time updates, and user-friendly features. To elevate your project, explore the possibilities with Commodities-API and shape a data-driven future.

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