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Jens Schumann, co-founder of the online lottery platform Tipp24, has been investing in startups for several years now. “Even if it sounds a bit hackneyed: My investment strategy is team, team, team. A good team can also make a bad product successful by adapting it to the respective market requirements. A bad team will usually not succeed even with a good product. Regionally, I focus on northern Germany” says Hanseat on his investment strategy.

Here are the startups in which Schumann last invested. In addition, the Hamburger also invested in the Floatel Group, which was founded by Tim Wittenbecher and Marc Nagel. For example, the company converts lighthouses and floating cranes into hotels. In addition, Schumann also invests in Carpetlight. The Hamburg-based company, led by Till Sadlowski and Götz Schmidt to Nedden, offers lighting systems for the professional film and photo industry. Now it goes on to the digital investments of the Tipp24 founder.

The hot investments of Jens Schumann


The Hamburg start-up AdTriba, which was founded in 2015 by János Moldvay and Ludwig Ostrowski, wants to improve the online marketing campaigns of small and medium-sized enterprises. With the AdTriba dashboard all activities can be recorded at a glance. In addition to Schumann, the Next Media Accelerator (nma) and the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) are also on board as investors at AdTriba.


Behind Baqend is a cloud-based technology solution that promises better page load times. The Hamburg start-up is being driven by Malte Lauenroth, Florian Bückler, Erik Witt, Hannes Kuhlmann and Felix Gessert. The start-up company finances itself via a software-as-a-service approach using a pay-per-use pricing model. Target customers of the start-up are web, app and advertising agencies, software companies, shops and online businesses.

City Masters

Hamburg-based startup MateCrate, run by Sebastian Kuch, is taking care of League of Legends tournaments with City Masters. “In the City Masters compete in the first season a total of four cities in League of Legends against each other. Each city is represented by a so-called club. These clubs compete for exclusive prizes in the round-robin format and the title City Masters 2019, “the e-sports company announces.

content flow

Founded in 2014 by Gregor Landwehr, Jonathan Federle and Sebastian Serafin, Berlin-based startup Contentflow is developing a cloud-based SaaS solution for the trendy topic of live streaming. The solution enables streaming to all imaginable social media channels. Speedinvest and Co. invested last 2 million euros in the livestreaming startup.


The peer-to-peer insurer Friendsurance was launched long before the InsurTech boom. The company raised $ 15.3 million in the last round of financing. Friendsurance was founded in 2010. The Berlin-based InsurTech company, in which Schumann also operated for a long time, rewards its customers with freedom from premiums with contribution repayments.

Liability heroes

The Hamburg startup liability hero offers according to their own information “Germany’s first private liability insurance, which is completely digital, completed in three minutes and can be terminated on a daily basis.” The start-up was founded by Florian Knörrich (Allianz, Roland Berger and the consulting zeb), Stefan Herbst, former RiskEraser, and Jan Louis Schmidt, founder of webmelt.


JobMatchMe is about job placement. The focus is on non-academics. The company operates the two platforms TruckJobs and TruckPro. The first platform is aimed at Brummi drivers looking for a forwarding company, the other platform at forwarders looking for drivers. The company was founded by Daniel Stancke and Thorsten Steinbach. In addition to Schumann, Martin Dräger, Hans Cornell and Olaf Ringelband are also on board at JobMatchMe.


Even after years in the dating and matchmaking segment, ElitePartner founder Arne Kahlke still does not have his nose full of lonely hearts. His latest venture is called LemonSwan. The young startup, which Kahlke leads with Oliver Czok, Lars Jankowfsky and Paul Uhlig, is aimed at singles of all ages 18 and older. The platform is intended to refinance itself in the long term via premium premium memberships.

Move Mates

Movemates allow bulky items to be transported from A to B in a short time. “We transport everything that is too bulky for you. Even to your apartment.

With just a few clicks to the super low fixed price. Let’s move it! “, Say the Hamburger. But Movemates only works with professional drivers and forwarders. The startup was started by Paul Heidicker and Philip John Mordecai.

Raid Boxes

Behind Raidboxes hides a provider of development and management tools for WordPress and WordPress hosting. The company was founded in 2014 by Torben Simon Meier, Johannes Benz and Marcel Gleis. In addition to Schumann, the SaaS startup is also supported by Jan Beckers, Pascal Tilgner and the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF). Target group of the start-up are web designers, agencies and professional bloggers.


The Hamburg startup Spectrm, which was founded by Max Koziolek, Jendrik Höft and Markus Stellenberg, initially wanted to establish itself as a WhatsApp tool. Then the company focused on Facebook and chatbots. “Today they are the leading platform for content and conversations,” say the Hanseatic League.


The Berlin startup Taledo arranges candidates in the middle salary segment. “Taledo shortens so-called time-to-hire, ie the time to hiring, on average over 50% – and at about 30% lower recruiting costs,” promises co-founder Melikshah Ünver. Mengühan Ünver and Marcel Poelker also belong to the startup team, initially under the name StartupCVs.

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