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Meacham: State programs provide startup funding

Recently, when Elliott Adams, author of “The Startup Mixtape: The Guide to Building and Launching a High-Growth Technology Startup” signed up for i2E’s Venture Assessment Program (VAP), it was a great opportunity for us to gain perspective from an industry pro.

Elliott’s book is based on his broad experience in entrepreneurship

Chief technology officer of a highly successful startup through an eight-figure acquisition and an entrepreneur-in-residence at Techstars, he also has served multiple years on the advisory board of South by Southwest Interactive. In addition to books and articles, Elliott leads workshops and conference panels, has authored tax policy, and recruited companies to place hundreds of technology jobs in New Orleans after Katrina.

Sense of community

“As a founder, it is always important to have a sense of community. There is community in Oklahoma”, Elliott told me. “Founders can feel isolated and in an echo chamber. Getting together with other entrepreneurs, learning about what they are doing, and voicing ideas builds the habit of pitching the company and explaining it to people”.

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