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Meet three cryptocurrency debit cards that work in Brazil

The vast majority of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts see them as a substitute for “weak” and inflationary state money. Paradoxically, few cryptocurrency holders actually use them for daily spending. Many keep them as an investment, but also because of the difficulty of finding establishments that accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

To facilitate this task, there are rechargeable cryptocurrency debit cards that allow you to use it anywhere you have a card slot. This makes the use of cryptocurrencies easier and intuitive.

Once again weird today, there are several card options that are available to Brazilian users. Meet the best three!


Alterbank is a Brazilian startup that works not only as a rechargeable Bitcoin card, but as a complete digital account. It allows the deposit of Reais and Bitcoin, withdrawals and performs the BTC / BRL conversion directly by the application. The opening of the account is free, as are most of the services offered. The card can be used at any establishment that accepts the Visa flag.

Alterbank is still in beta, but the startup promises to launch other services such as bill payment, mobile top-ups and the possibility of BRL / BTC conversion.


Like Alterbank, Uzzo is a startup created in Brazil. It is now fully operational and offers its customers a dual digital account, which operates both Real and Bitcoin. The Uzzo card has the Elo flag and the application can easily reload it. Another great advantage of Uzzo is the return of money that returns up to 1% of the value of purchases made with the card.


The Swiss company card became one of the best known and used in Brazil. However, Xapo suspended the service in the country in 2018 due to problems with Visa, the old standard of its card. More than a year later, Xapo announced his return, to the delight of nostalgia.

The new Xapo card will have the Elo brand and will begin to be sent on January 15, 2020 to anyone with an active Xapo wallet. To receive it, just make sure the address is up to date and wait for the deadline. If you do not want the card, you can cancel the shipment through the application.

Unlike Alterbank and Uzzo, Xapo is a wallet that stores Bitcoin and more than 150 other cryptocurrencies. It also has an offline storage service that provides greater protection for the user,

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