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Momoven: the startup that revolutiones motorcycle

Momoven is a motorcycle rental platform between private individuals created by Vila-Realense Pablo Carceller and the Spaniard David Berbel. Its business commitment has been privileged to be selected by Lanzadera, the accelerator and incubator of private equity companies promoted by Juan Roig to support entrepreneurs in the creation of firms that provide added value to society.

What is it?

The Momoven project consists of a website ( that facilitates the rental and allows owners to obtain profitability of their vehicle when they do not use it and other drivers enjoy a motorcycle without buying it. Users decide price, availability and to whom they rent the motorcycle. In addition, all operations have a rental contract, comprehensive insurance with Allianz and centralized payment management.

“The website was launched in December 2018 with 30 vehicles and today has about 800 motorcycles distributed throughout Spain», reveal the founders of Momoven and add that «more than 70% of the motorcycles are large displacement and the profile of The client is very varied, from whom he wants to be able to test a specific motorcycle before acquiring it, passing through the one that has sold his motorcycle and wants to enjoy again occasionally, even to those who own their own vehicle but want to know a different one from their own”.

This project made in Castellón is possible thanks to the entrepreneurial nature of Pablo Carceller, who studied Business Administration and Management at ESIC, and David Berbel, who studied Mechanical Engineering and Master in Business Administration at the UJI.

Momoven’s forecasts are ambitious

“By the end of 2020 we expect to have 4,000 motorcycles on the platform; although in the short term we hope to increase the volume of available motorcycles, increase the number of monthly rentals and educate the market about motorcycle rental between individuals”.

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