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Meta Introduces New Tools For Creating, Editing, And Scheduling On Instagram

Earlier this month, Meta announced a series of news. These functionalities, mainly aimed at content creators, will also facilitate discovery by new audiences. If you are a content creator, be sure to read our article Meta Introduces New Tools For Creating, Editing, And Scheduling On Instagram. Below we will give you a brief summary of the news.

Meta New Tools On Instagram And Facebook

Meta has introduced new creative tools for Instagram and Facebook for creating, editing, and scheduling Reels vertical short videos including audio sync options, sound effects, and image templates.

As the company has pointed out in a blog post, these features, mainly aimed at content creators, will also facilitate “discovery by new audiences.”

First of all, it has been announced that Facebook users will now be able to create Reels from the web browser; through Creator Studio, something that until now was only possible on mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Meta has also started to roll out video trimming tools on the desktop, so users can post full-length videos, either live or pre-recorded, and in different formats. Thanks to this functionality, they will be able to create clips from long videos and edit them in a Facebook Reel through the Creator Studio.

Gamers: Pay Attention!

On the other hand, Meta indicates that they launched an option so that gamers can generate short-format Reels directly from their live broadcast. In this way, content creators will now be able to trim live clips in vertical format; with a duration of 60 seconds and with dual views for the game and the gamer’s camera.

From now on Facebook Reels also supports the introduction of voiceovers, so you can upload videos in this format with a narration in the background.

Reels And Text-To-Speech

Also, Meta has announced that with the Sound Sync tool you can automatically synchronize video clips with songs; also have a voice read the text of the Reels with the Text-to-Speech function.

Finally, the company has announced that it is implementing Reels suggestions in the Feed globally for all users of the social network, as well as Reels in the Watch news section.

For its part, Instagram has also integrated new tools for its Reels. Among these, the option to extend the duration of these up to 90 seconds stands out. Content creators will also be able to interact with their audiences using Stories stickers; which are transferred to the Reels section to carry out surveys, questionnaires, or contests, among other actions.

The latest update to the social network also offers the possibility of importing your own audio to add comments or a background sound to any video that is at least five seconds long. It is also possible to use templates for the Reels, which can be customized with your own content, adding elements to the template or editing and cutting it.

In order to help content creators expand their audiences, Meta has reminded creators on Instagram that they have the option to recommend their reels on Facebook.

Woord: An Alternative To Meta Text-To-Speech

In general, these additions work wonders; however, when it comes to the Text-To-Speech system, it has some issues. Therefore, we recommend Woord avoid the monotonous and robotic voices that can result from Meta’s Text-To-Speech. Woord is a free online text-to-speech program with a variety of useful features. It has more than 50 languages, including many dialects of English, Portuguese and Spanish, for example. This software also allows you to choose between male, female, or gender-neutral voices. Woord has recently included children’s voices in his features as well.

These features are included in the free edition of Woord, allowing you to check out the service before purchasing the premium version. The free version includes premium voices, a Chrome plugin, an SSML editor, an MP3 download, and up to 20,000 characters each month. The editor of this program allows you to change the rhythm and structure of the voices.

Just follow these 3 easy steps to create your audio presentation; this way, you will know how much time will it take for you to say everything you need:

1. First, choose the format of the file you want to convert; some of the options you can choose from are pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, and ppt(x). You can also write or transcribe it directly into the SSML editor.

2. Then, choose some audio settings: gender of the voice, the language of the voice, voice pace, and device profiles.

3. To conclude, press the button ‘speak it!’; the audio will be ready in a few seconds. You can listen to it before downloading and go back if it needs some more editing.

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