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Get A Qualitative Approach From Users With An IP Geo API

Do you feel a permanent distance between your clients and your company? Are you in the urge to change the strategy in use? We can suggest making a qualitative approach to users with an IP geo API.

More than ever, having more sales depends on understanding consumers. The latter necessarily implies attending to each one according to their preferences and behaviour.

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that customers no longer expect a company to offer them products. They want to be understood, and they need their needs met. There is a constant need to feel unique.

And it is understood that at this time you want to put all your effort into getting new customers. However, remember that one of the best cover letters is seeing your current customers happy. Do not forget that they are the basis of your business.

In any case, a permanent attitude must be to be aware of the satisfaction of your customers. Also, it’s necessary to show that you give time and space to provide more value to their lives. And in the case of companies, depending on demand, even without the requirement to invest more money.

users IP geo API

How can an IP geo API collaborate with a qualitative approach to users?

An AI technology with geolocation can detect based on an IP identification from where users are contacting you. Then, with that data, you can do in-depth research regarding customers’ contexts. Consequently, your marketing team will be able to design a campaign that connects directly with your clientele’s interests.

Ipxapi will provide the qualitative P geo API to approach users 

Ipxapi supplies an IP geo API with the corresponding changes every 24 hours. And four different modules are part of the primary functions of Ipxapi

To start, you can select the appropriate geography feature and restrict your offer to particular geographic regions. Second, you can direct sales by requesting currency data from a specific residency. The whole system works from the IP address you facilitate by request.

Besides, the last two services allow you to inquire about the user’s location’s time zone. This feature will enable you to make contact with clients with proper timing. Above all, it’s relevant to know if there’s a difference between the company’s time zone and your clients’.

Finally, Ipxapi offers a connection and security module that will identify proxies and shield your company from fraud. Neither will be able to steal sensitive data and make it public. Your business network and gears will be under permanent surveillance. 

users IP geo API

Which Ipxapi subscriptions are currently available?

Chiefly, there are four options available. And there’s a fifth option, the free plan, but if you can’t utilize it for corporative purposes. The rest of the subscriptions have premium client assistance and the totality of modules mentioned before.

If we talk about the number of API calls, it starts with a hundred thousand requests included in the first plan. But it reaches unlimited chances for Enterprises’ budgets.

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