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NASA: Space Agency launches its own startup program

The space technology of NASA admire – only a few years ago that was possible in front of the TV at best. In the future, founders are to work with the US space agency under one roof.

Space travel, a playground for prestigious governments, dominated by the US space agency Nasa. These times are long gone. For cost reasons, Nasa has been working with private companies for years, such as SpaceX, which will soon also take manned supply flights to the ISS.

Nasa wants to train ten startups

In the future, however, founders could again benefit more from Nasa’s know-how. As the authority announces, on 15 July the first in-house startup accelerator goes to the start. Over a period of three months, ten teams will be working with NASA technicians on new space technologies.

The focus in tech

Applications in the areas of geodata analysis, 3D production, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence are in demand. “A key objective of the pilot program is to support the rapid development of technologies that can be used for future space missions while promoting industrial-Nasa collaboration,” said Nasa-based Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Los Angeles. For the program Nasa cooperates with US accelerator Techstars.

Industry experts see a huge market in private space travel. Bank of America analyst Merrill Lynch’s paper recently concluded that more than $ 3 trillion will be spent on the space industry by 2045.

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