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New Fintech app Bitwala already has 1 million Euro Bitcoin trading volume

Bitwala reports just a few weeks after its launch (December 12) that customers have already traded bitcoins worth one million euros through the platform. FinTech takes advantage of SolarisBank’s services and acts as “Europe’s first blockchain banking provider” to score with a “great user experience, top price-performance ratio, tight spreads, maximum legal certainty and free Bitwala debit card”. Next step could be a company account.

We are very proud that many of our customers have already converted their salary account to our service. That is a strong signal of their trust. At the moment we are working in-house on the development of the mobile Bitwala app, which will be completed soon. It will help our clients to better integrate cryptocurrency into their everyday financial transactions. ”

By its own account, Bitwala (Website) is the only banking service in the European Economic Area (EEA) offering a free bank account with an integrated Bitcoin wallet. Bitwala’s first customers are located in more than 30 different EEA countries – about half of them are German-based customers. This is followed by Austria, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and France with the most users as the top 5 of the EEA countries.

Ben Jones, CTO Bitwala The company emphasizes that Bitcoin’s recent performance has had no impact on the launch of Blockchain Banking. In this respect, the company even welcomed the end of the hype, as sustainable blockchain applications should now receive more attention.

At the moment, we are also considering the introduction of corporate accounts because it is consistently one of the three most widely expressed wishes that our support team is addressing. ”

Interestingly, Bitwala examines Bitcoin traded on the platform to exclude them from blockchain wallets that are legally questionable or blacklisted. The test is fully automated and takes only a few seconds.

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