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New plans for Google: Testing its fast-loading AMP tech inside Gmail

Changes in the latest Gmail update show that Google has begun to test the fast loading of AMP web pages in its Android application, which will allow users to perform actions on the content of the emails.

Android Police has warned some changes in the source code of Google that show that the company is developing a fast loading function of AMP web pages, called “Dynamic Mail”, in the Android Gmail application.

How does it work?

A year ago Google announced its intention to bring AMP, a configuration that offers a direct way to create web pages that are loaded instantly, to Gmail, but so far this function had only been tested in the web version of the service and with a few companies and users.

Google’s new plans

Google is expanding the AMP application in Gmail, and that’s why it has appeared in the Android app, where those who participate in the test can activate it from settings under the name of ‘Dynamic email’. This allows, for example, to interact with services such as Pinterest or without leaving the Gamil interface and without having to open new tabs.

As Android Police explains, this AMP can invite new ways to run abusive advertising campaigns, or even exploit vulnerabilities in Gmail and web browsers.

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