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New startups help with traveling

New travel assistants These startups make the visit to the restaurant easier when traveling.

Discover Tasting new dishes is one of many reasons why we travel at all. These technical helpers make that even easier.

Five startups made it to the final of the Gastronomy Tourism Startup Competition of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). These three startups are especially helpful for travelers.

  1. Individual food city tours

You do not need a guide for this food tour, just a smartphone. For example, with the “bitemojo” app, travelers can stroll through the Foodie Quarter in Singapore or across the multicultural kitchens in Berlin. On the way, they will taste local appetizers. Nearly a dozen cities worldwide are already there. The tours cost between 10 and 35 francs.

bitemojo. Taste the city! Compatible with iOS and Android, size 56.4 MB, free.

  1. Restaurant tips from an AI

On restaurant reviews on portals such as “Yelp” or “TripAdvisor” you can not always rely on, because the tastes are different. The “SynchroLife” app takes a completely new approach: the recommendations are created especially for the taste of the individual user by artificial intelligence (AI). You can pay on site than in the company’s own cryptocurrency.

SynchroLife Restaurant Reviews Compatible with iOS and Android, size 27.4 MB, free.

  1. Translate menus into native language

Travelers know that: You sit at the other end of the world over a map and cannot read anything. Via the web app «Dinify», restaurants can have their menus translated into different languages. So no one has to choose the food after the photos. The site is still under construction.

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