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Obtain Dutch TTF Natural Gas Futures Prices Using An API

Do you know that you can get natural gas prices in TTF? Learn everything you have to know about TTF and natural gas investment in the Netherlands with this Natural Gas price API!

Among the greatest natural gas reserves on the planet is located in the North Sea; a portion of it lies inside the Netherlands’ national seas. In reality, it is believed that natural gas has only generated around 160,000 million euros in revenue for the Netherlands since its production got off in the 1970s, which is just about half of the total resources.

Given its massive financial weight, it is not unexpected that the primary European gas market, which acts as a benchmark for the rest of the nations in our European environment as well as most of the rest of the globe, originated in that nation. We are referring to the Title Transfer Facility trade, sometimes referred to as the TTF market or just the TTF industry. And in this piece, we’ll learn a little bit more about it.

Gasunie, the Dutch business that controls the network for natural gas transmission in the Netherlands and Germany, launched it in 2003. This firm was formed in 1963 by big commercial energy operators (Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobile with 50% of the capital) and the Dutch government.

Its function is that of a virtual gas exchange point, as contrasted to an actual gas exchange point. In other words, the raw material is delivered throughout Europe mostly via gas pipelines, but also in methane tankers or alternative ways that need refuelling operations. Similarly, it is already transported and supplied inside each country and to other countries.

Similarly, it is currently carried and supplied inside each country, as well as to the final consumer, using medium and low-pressure distribution networks. As a result, providing documentation may be formed at local physical exchange points, meaning natural gas supply at a specific location in the network and with a particular and precise profile.

Due to everything mentioned above about natural gas in the Netherlands, many of its investors in these countries carry out all kinds of economic movements based on web platforms that provide them with market data before anyone else, among them, many choose Commodities -API

About Commodities-API

Commodities-API it´s a software programme that provides wih the store where you may buy sponsored items like cereal, coffee, oils, and other things. Their customers may buy them using an API, which is set up after contacting banking institutions in approximately a minute.

Steps On The Registration

The bonus of Commodities-API is how simple it is to use. Follow these procedures to achieve it:

– Visited the website and signed up.

– On the portal, create an API Key

– Choose the needed product, Natural Gas, and currency, NLG symbol.

– The software will provide an API answer as soon as you make an API call using the monitor.

And that´s all!

Get Yourself Historical Reports

The Commodities-API system provides its users with access to historical data on the commodities of their choice. Members of the site can examine records for days, weeks, months, and even years. It can be done before August 2021. Go to the dropdown menu to do this.

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