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Opportunity for learning to lead and undertake

Attentive to the demands of the market, the School of Business Administration of the University of San Andrés offers an exclusive training program in line with the new trends in business.

In a world in which businesses are changing so dynamically, those who train the professionals who lead companies and organizations must also adjust their programs to adapt to new trends and market demands. That is the philosophy of the MBA at the University of San Andrés. It is offering a solid business background, focuses on strengthening leadership competencies and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of each of its participants.

The challenge of leading

“Our cycle of professional development and leadership has two very clear stages,”  says Daniel Gonzalez Isolio, the director of the MBA. The first one has to do with the self-diagnosis, in which the students know themselves and understand what they want for his career. Through different workshops, tests and activities they can discover their style of thinking and leading, and learn how other important managers have built their own history. The personalized accompaniment of a coach in development of managerial talent, during the whole period of course, is vital for them to be able to concretely express their professional objectives, and establish an action plan to achieve them.

The second stage of the work focuses on developing the managerial skills necessary to comply with the established professional plan. These skills are directly linked to the ability to be a good leader that spreads to the rest of the company or organization and pushes the company forward. The teaching work is much more exclusive here, because it has to do with analyzing which leadership profile each one has, in order to reinforce the skills that are needed.

“A leader very focused on results but who perhaps omits to look at the effects on people should strengthen empathy, political skills and influence on others,” points out Gonzalez Isolio. The objective is to reach the same results, but taking care of the organization. Conversely, those who tend to focus on people rather than on outcomes and processes, are helped to develop the managerial courage to face difficult conversations and to focus on an effective execution of managerial tasks. In this way, the San Andrés MBA will work with each leader archetype according to personal objectives. At the end of this process, students work on Story Telling. “The art of telling stories and uniting wills is one of the most important managerial competencies of the great leaders of the business world”, says the director of the master’s degree.

The ability to undertake

The other cycle that the MBA has decided to develop has to do with another competition very typical of the DNA of the University of San Andrés: entrepreneurship. Much of the centrality that this concept has today is, it is no longer associated exclusively with those who decide to set up a company, but also that spirit is valued in those who work within a corporation.

“From the first day of classes students participate in incubation cells, where they can create a company, join an ongoing business, or link with a project of our business incubation network,” explains Gonzalez Isolio. Through workshops of agile methodologies and the accompaniment of mentors they end up creating a company, whose business plan must be defended, and which may compete in “UdeSA Startup Competition”. The initiative of San Andrés is to transform an idea or project into reality, or be directly incubated in our network.

With an average age of 32 years and a very wide professional heterogeneity among the students, the San Andrés MBA is characterized by offering a very personalized educational proposal, which is an ideal space for each person to reach their maximum potential in business.

How is it

EMBA Campus Victoria: from the end of August 2018 to December 2019. Bi-weekly course: Friday and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

EMBA Headquarters Center: from April 2018 to November 2019. Weekly course: Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.).

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