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Revolut wants to drive expansion in 19 countries, including Austria: “1 million users in 2 to 3 years”

The London N26 competitor Revolut wants to drive expansion with local teams in 19 European countries, including Austria. Over the past three months, it has increased from three to four million users. In the medium term alone in this country will be a million. Ambitious goals are one of the…

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How to get your first investor for your startup: Learn from this austrian crypto startup

The Austrian crypto startup blockpit has brought its first investor on board with the European Super Angels Club (ESAC), ESAC announced in a press release on 11 December. The investors involved ESAC is a European investor network in which, in addition to other partners, also the management consultants KPMG, PHH…

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Apple joins music startup for talent marketing: A new chapter between companies and startups

The British music startup Platoon specializes in the marketing of talent in the music field. After there were rumors in the industry about a possible takeover, finally also expressed several British newspapers. At the end of last week it was announced that Apple is actually taking over the company. However,…

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Why is fintech so important for banks? Bank Frick establishes a FinTech

With the newly founded DLT Markets, Bank Frick offers institutional investors professional access to the Digital Assets asset class. Bank Frick in Liechtenstein confirms its pioneering role in the field of blockchain banking with the founding of FinTech’s The DLT Markets AG. The new subsidiary aims to provide institutional investors…

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Startups + companies: the new way of cooperation. Learn about the Webasto case

Dr. Gisela Linge, Director Corporate Strategy & Development at Webasto, gives an overview of the cooperation within the initiative StartUp Autobahn, launched by Plug & Play. Webasto is a partner of “StartUp Autobahn” – what was your motivation to participate and what is your current interim conclusion? In order to…

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A startup is developing a 100-gigawatt laser to propel a probe to another star system

Breakthrough Starshot wants to use powerful lasers to propel tiny robotic probes to Alpha Centauri, a nearby star system that may contain habitable planets. Yuri Milner, a Russian-American billionaire, and other Silicon Valley investors are funding the project Starshot calls for a 100-gigawatt laser that could shoot into space and…

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