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Know the neobanks that you must take into account for your operations

Technology has managed to reach every corner of our day to day, changing everything we already knew for much more advanced things. In this opportunity, we will tell you how technology and finances have combined to make way for neo-bancos. What about traditional banks? Traditional banks are increasingly hated by…

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Freight documents: Anachronism of the legislator versus digital business wishes

Oh, sometimes anachronism is really nice. Antique pieces of furniture in playful-flowing Art Nouveau for example. Or the sonic warmth of a record. Incidentally, experts here speak of phase shifts between the channels, which add a pleasant-sounding blur to the stereo image. It is possible to produce this effect artificially,…

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How a fintech managed to get funds to provide digital financial services

In November 2018 the Uruguayan fintech Bankingly specialized in digital financial services had obtained US $ 5.25 million from Elevate Equity. And from The Rise Fund one of the largest in the world, from which part the Irish musician Bono, vocalist of U2. Raise Equity will again invest in the…

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Startups in numbers: Which country has the most?

Recall that a startup is a young company that bases its operation on technology and, therefore, has the potential to grow easily and quickly. There are emblematic cases of companies that were once of this type and that have revolutionized industries, such as film (Nextflix), hotel (Airbnb), transport (Uber), telecommunications…

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Fintech vs Blockchain: which one is the best investment option

A recent article by The Next Web (TNW) reports that although EU blockchain companies had a record year in VC investment, they were still lagging behind in fintech investments. They looked at Innovate Finance’s FinTech VC investment landscape report from 2018, which shows that fintech companies worldwide have raised $…

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