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Use Dark patterns to improve your conversions. This is how E-commerce giants trick us with a cheat web design

Startups should learn from big and established companies . Dark Patterns is other thing that startups can apply to improve his businesses. Dark Patterns I have a challenge for you, dear readers: try to find in less than a minute the option to close the Amazon account. It is not…

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Crypto trading: How does Robinhood get benefits with zero fees?

Robinhood promotes zero-rate negotiation for its services, but how do they make profits? The answer lies in the fact that their “real customers” are high frequency commercial companies, not the customers who use their commercial services. The well-known investment company, Robinhood, is actively promoting its zero-rate negotiation services for potential…

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Microtransactions network: A tool facilitates the use of the Lightning Network

Bitcoin users interested in testing the Lightning Network (LN) microtransaction network already have an option that promises to make the process easier, especially because the user should not worry about running their own node on the network. We are talking about LndHub, a new BlueWallet utility available for mobile phones,…

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Amazon expands and already has 50 aircrafts to send only packages 📦

Two and a half years ago, Amazon announced that it was making its own fleet of 20 aircraft to deliver packages with the highest speed worldwide. Little by little they have been adding more aircraft to the fleet, and today they have announced the addition of more units to reach…

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10 things to help founders that looks for work-life balance

Maintaining the balance between personal and professional life promotes a better quality of life for employees, and consequently, a better performance in their work. Currently, the most valued benefits are not the economic benefits, but those that offer a balanced lifestyle between the personal and professional. Next, I present the…

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