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Transparent Programmatic Advertising ad buying: a Real Need

Within the purchase of advertising in digital media, the programmatic purchase has been playing a relevant role for several years due to the possibility of acquiring advertising space globally and in real time. However, lately, transparency in the world of programmatic purchasing is taking a lot of relevance among agencies,…

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A look at the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Latin America

Although there is no global consensus on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, the increase in their use among a growing public is forcing governments around the world to turn their attention to the issue. This interest in the movements of the cryptocurrencies ecosystem adds up to an increasing number of regulatory…

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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): That’s what you earn per book!

Have you ever looked around Amazon to find a niche where you can successfully publish a book, it’s not only important, it depends on your complete success, whether you’re dealing with how good your competition is, in the niche where you are. Amazon gives us the most ingenious “tool” ever.…

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Innovation and agility to succeed in the business of online travel startups

A key attribute to being a successful startup is having the ability to grow and transform in order to provide a service that differentiates itself. Innovation and agility Two words that describe in a timely manner not only the technology of today but also the world of travel. They are…

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German citizens living abroad: What does this mean for the tax return?

Living abroad – Tax law in Germany Moving abroad does not guarantee exemption from tax liability in Germany. Anyone residing abroad as a German citizen should obtain detailed information about the tax aspects. The residence decides – Unlimited tax liability The German tax law ties the tax liability basically to…

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