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AI in Hospitality Industry: The hotels are already testing their robot concierge

Get ahead of the requests. The hotel industry bases a large part of its future projection on this objective. To achieve it is including more and more artificial intelligence in your business. It’s been a while since the robots entered the hotels; in 2016 Marriott had already launched with a…

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Google AI will detect risks of eye diseases related to diabetes

Google launched in Thailand an artificial intelligence program to detect an eye disease related to diabetes that causes permanent blindness, in a country where the low number of eye doctors and the high consumption of sugar put at risk many people. The visual assessment program in Thailand follows a similar…

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Founders: How established companies can learn from start-ups

Nico Ruess and Erwin Mayr share the passion. On this evening they are engrossed in a shop talk. Ruess, a former construction mechanic, explains Mayr, the head of the Wieland Group with 7000 employees, how he wants to advance his business start-up and bring his sport shoes with interchangeable outsole…

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Google Cloud: Facial Recognition API

Google said its cloud unit will not sell a general type of facial recognition software until certain issues about controversial technology are clarified. “Facial recognition deserves careful consideration to ensure that its use matches our principles and values, and avoids abuse and harmful results,” said Kent Walker, Google’s head of…

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Paywall model: Google and its opinion on the media that already charge for their news

The world’s media is increasingly interested in the option of monetizing its contents on the web. A standard bearer of this system is the “The New York Times”, media that charges for its news since March 2011. In that year, the president of the editor of the newspaper, The New…

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Yes, e-commerce can compete against Amazon, and this is the only way

In a world in which the electronic commerce sector is dominated by Amazon, those brands that want to follow in their footsteps should attend to the following reflections. Amazon can boast of being the king of e-commerce. Its continued growth has resulted in a 49% share of the e-Commerce market…

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