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United Kingdom may collect taxes accepting Bitcoin (BTC)

Eddie Hughes, a member of the UK Parliament made statements about potential changes in the tax jurisdiction. Recently reported that the use of Bitcoin (BTC) for the payment of public services is possible, according to the local news site Express. The statements were issued at a parliamentary meeting with the…

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Killing the idea for the business to be born: how to undertake without dying in the attempt

First principle to start a successful business: kill the idea. “The product or service that we think is the least important, the only important thing is to understand the others and see how I can give them the value they deserve”, began Francisco Santolo, CEO and founder of Scalabl company…

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From selfishness of startups to conscious entrepreneurship

When the world talks about the impact of technological ventures, in Israel (which is usually recognized as a startup nation) there is already talk of revolutionizing the business world based on the notion of conscious entrepreneurship. A few days ago I had an immersive experience in this pioneering place, where…

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How artificial intelligence is changing the management of talent

Following in the footsteps of the film that told how a manager revolutionized baseball by applying analytics to the search for players, corporations are rethinking their methods to attract the best employees by appealing to big data. Online games were easy until you reach challenge number six. The candidate was…

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Henry Chesbrough: “Good ideas do not grow between the four walls of a company”

The “father” of the concept of open innovation explains that more and more companies understand that they must take the path of co-creation The open innovation concept at Google in April 2003 yielded a result of only about 200 pages. The same search in April 2013 showed an exponential growth:…

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Youtube Music: Will Spotify’s death be?

Google’s new music service Youtube Music has many similarities with Spotify but can already shake its competitor with new features and better search results, Di Digital and M3 write. Youtube Music, like the YouTube service, includes videos. But here are music videos, live performances and interviews with artists that complement…

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