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PagoFácil conquers the fintech market

The company was located by the World Economic Forum among the 100 most important Fintech.

PagoFácil is a company that is part of the GIN group, chaired by Dr. Raúl Beyruti Sánchez. Started in 2019 with 8,000 client companies. That is a growth of more than 120% in the amount processed.

Between the companies that use their service, they emphasize Expo Beer, Marcqo, and Texas Ribs.

The World Economic Forum (IMF), placed it among the 100 Fintech worldwide that are revolutionizing the world of payments in emerging countries.

PagoFácil processes payments with credit and debit cards online and through point-of-sale terminals. The online solution has allowed its customers to receive payments on their web pages and commercial premises. Thus, improving the service and offering visibility in real time.

“We are optimistic because companies, today more than ever, need business partners to help them sell and earn more and PagoFácil is here for companies to sell more,” concluded Pablo Hernández.

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