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Public relations consultant says everyone in business should plan to have an e-commerce platform

Los Angeles-based Japanese public relations consultant and bestselling author Marie Kondo is known to millions of audiences since the release of the Netflix series Clean Up with Marie Kondo. Her books have been sold millions of euros and translated into 27 languages.

Clearance expert Marie Kondo, according to US media, is about to land up to 40 million US dollars for their company Konmari ashore. The money could go into building an e-commerce platform.

Now Kondo wants to expand her empire. She is currently negotiating with venture capitalists for $ 40 million of investments for her firm, Konmari, according to The Information.

The fresh money is to open Konmari new business opportunities, it is said with reference to two insiders. A company spokeswoman has confirmed to The Information a meeting with investors, but denies that it was about raising funds. According to the spokeswoman, investors should be found through the talks, which fit well with the company.

The tech site Techcrunch reports, however, citing its own sources that Kondo would be in talks with investors about a capital injection. It should be about plans to start their own e-commerce platform. However, there is no confirmation from Kondo or her startup.

The acquisition of investor funds would be for Konmari meanwhile, no new territory. The startup, founded in 2015 by Kondo and her husband Takumi Kawahara, has already completed a relatively small round of financing last year, according to Techcrunch. Investors include well-known venture capital provider Sequoia Capital.

Marie Kondo has developed a large fanbase with her books and the above-mentioned Netflix series. And she has made the mucking as self-optimization to a true hype. Your last name is supposed to be used in English for the phrase tidying up a cupboard. How Kondo’s penchant for tidying up – with the motto “If it brings no joy, no use or no emotional value, it will come off” – with a potential e-commerce business, remains to be seen.

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