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A few days after the elections, what do international referents think about the future of the Argentine fintech segment

A few days after the elections, what do international referents think about the future of the Argentine fintech segment Despite the complex economic and political landscape of 2019, Fintech references in the region welcome the future of the Argentine market At least from the point of view of entrepreneurs from…

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Japanese cryptocommerce platform has reached the status of unicorn

The Japanese cryptocommerce platform Liquid has reached the status of unicorn with the first closing of an ongoing financing of the Series C that places the valuation of the company in more than USD 1,000 million. The news was reported by Cointelegraph Japan on April 3. Liquid’s parent company is…

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LOGCOOP: logistics network for eSellerspartner

The cooperation Logcoop bundles fulfillment services for e-commerce and an IT solution under the eSellerspartner brand. According to the cooperation, the members of the logistics network Logcoop offer logistics solutions for e-commerce at 20 locations. Through a specially programmed interface, eSellerspartner now links all ERP and shop systems to the…

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A company trying to be a powerful provider of technology and financial payments solutions

MercadoLibre, the leading company in e-commerce technology in Latin America. It has announced the closing of its IPO of approximately 1,150 million dollars in common shares at a price of 480 dollars per share. Which includes the full exercise of the purchase option of the subscribers 150 million additional shares…

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Public relations consultant says everyone in business should plan to have an e-commerce platform

Los Angeles-based Japanese public relations consultant and bestselling author Marie Kondo is known to millions of audiences since the release of the Netflix series Clean Up with Marie Kondo. Her books have been sold millions of euros and translated into 27 languages. Clearance expert Marie Kondo, according to US media,…

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Grocery food delivery startup gets Germans excited

While German retailers are still moaning about the seemingly overwhelming competition from the Internet, a new revolution is already starting in the non-European food trade: driverless supermarkets, which deliver their goods directly to the customer at the push of a button. Unflexible opening hours, long queues at the cash registers…

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