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Retrieve The Confidence Score From Any Domain In One Simple API Query

Do you want to know how to retrieve any domain’s confidence score? Then you should read this post because it contains all the information you need regarding domain reputation APIs, including the best one in the market.

Let’s start by highlighting the value of domain reputation. This is due to the fact that your email domain’s reputation is also referred to as its domain health. It affects how email service providers regard your domain as a credit score in the same way. A poor domain reputation is directly correlated with low email delivery, and the opposite is true.

However, different ISPs (Internet service providers) and ESPs calculate the value of your domain reputation, thus it can vary (email service providers). As a result, rather than your IP address, your transmitting domain decides the reputation of your domain. This shows that your brand comes first when an ISP chooses how to censor content.

Domain reputation is one of the most important factors mailbox providers take into consideration when determining where to place your messages. The age of your domain and the number of times it has been blocked, suspended, or reported for spam, phishing, or malware are the most important factors that they all take into account.

It follows that if you want to ensure that your domain has a high confidence score and that your site is noticed by your target audience, you should use a domain reputation API. These sophisticated software programmes can examine a domain’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, connection, and configuration to see if it is flagged as malicious by any of the malware data feeds that are disseminated online.

Which Is The Best API To Use?

You can use an API to quickly check the reputation of your domain. Domain Reputation and Children Safety API is the best.

With the help of this API, you can look up the security of any domain. It also provides a confidence score that you may use to determine whether your reputation needs to be improved.

It can be used, among other things, to ban dangerous domains in large numbers. For instance, banning websites on a school network that are improper for children might fall under this category. Another way to utilise this API is to separate database domains with a high confidence level from those with a lower score.

The categories, child safety, reputation score (also from 1 to 100), confidence score (also from 1 to 100), and safety status (safe, unknown, not safe) may all be found with the use of this API (a list of categories that fit the domain, with a confidence score).

What To Do First

You should take the following actions to begin using this Domain Reputation and Children Safety API:

1-Create an account at

2. Double-check your email and sign up for the API without cost.

3-Enter any domain you wish to examine, then click “test endpoint.” You will learn everything you require to know about this domain, such as the confidence level, child safety, and more.

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