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Best Alternatives To Weather Company API (IBM)


If you work in the transport and logistics area, you should know when the weather conditions are optimal to travel safely. To get that information, you may use an application installed on your smartphone, like The Weather Channel. But sometimes, this kind of software can’t predict climate events that affect you with the speed you need.

In this article, we are going to list three powerful API alternatives to Weather Company that will save your journey. You will never get caught in the middle of nowhere with a thunderstorm ragging above your truck again!  

Furthermore, it is important to point out what weather is and why it is so relevant to the transportation industry. The weather is the conjunction of various climate conditions determining the presence or absence of sun, rain, wind, air pressure, and more. It also includes strong events such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. It influences the way people live, move and eat. And in the specific transportation industry, outlook affects the road path, causing delays in product delivery or accidents. 

A Short Review Of The Weather Company API Of IBM

In case you don’t know, this application programming interface belongs to the International Business Machine (IBM). It is one of the most recognized information technology companies and provides most IT-related products. Its weather software has several forecasts that use numerical prediction models. 

For example, you can obtain daily, hourly, intraday, and short term-data. Intraday forecast collects information in 6-hour periods starting from the current day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Overnight. Another interesting feature is short-term predictions that return forecasts in 15-minute intervals over the course of the next 7 hours. 


In addition, IBM reunites the expertise of over 100 meteorologists, and a network of observations, radar, and satellite assimilations and modeling capabilities. As in the majority of APIs, you have to sign up and get a key to make a request and access the response. But, there are more underrated APIs that will provide more accurate weather data for your transportation company. If you invest a little percent of your annual budget on including this service into your trucks or drivers’ devices, they would plan their route better. 

You Must Check These Alternatives! 

Current Weather and Forecast API 


This API will help you prevent strong winds, large storms, or snowfalls that could make any travel difficult, especially if you have to cover long distances. Current Weather and Forecast API is reliable and complete, you won’t have problems using it. It provides actual, historical, and forecast data via a user-friendly, and well-laid online platform.

Some of its real-time weather parameters are temperature, feels like, rain, humidity, wind rates, and more. You will get the most recent weather data as well as 5- and 16-day forecasts. If you want your employees to use it, you must provide the name and ZIP code of the location you wish to verify. Get more revenues by optimizing the delivery of your products with Current Weather and Forecast API!



MeteoGroup provides full-service B2B weather solutions that enable businesses to incorporate weather forecasts into their decision-making processes. Developers may use the Report API to incorporate templates and data sources into their apps. If you don’t have one, you can also embed it into your website or use it online. Then, you could provide the data you get to your partners. This API accepts JSON queries and delivers JSON replies.


weather‘s weather API provides rapid, and precise weather data allowing you to connect it with any application, system, or program. With versatile functionality and scope, and lightning-fast responsiveness, this weather API provides ease of implementation to get started quickly. Lose the fear of wasting time and compromising your products with this reliable solution! 

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