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Schramböck announces startup package: Easier financing and sandboxes

In a conversation with the brutkasten on the fringes of the governmental meeting in Mauerbach, Germany, digitization minister Margarete Schramböck announced a new startup package from the Federal Government.

The previous government did not come very far with its startup package. Now there should be a new start – probably with other priorities. Details are not yet known, but: “There will be a separate package for startups, which is currently in preparation”. That said Digitalisierungsministerin Margarete Schramböck today in the video talk with the brutkasten on the edge of the governmental exam in Mauerbach. One would like to support and promote startups additionally and to improve the framework conditions.

Startup package: incentives for foreign investors and more sandboxes

Specifically, there should be some relief in terms of financing. “It’s also about investors coming to Austria more than they have done so far”, says Schramböck. Also in the field of corporate startup collaboration, one wants to create improved conditions. “Part of the startup package should also be to develop more sandboxes”, says Schramböck. It is currently being determined in which areas this will happen. In autumn, the model of the regulatory sandbox was announced after the presentation of the FinTech Advisory Council in a first step for the financial sector for this year. At the request of the brutkasten it says from the digitization Ministry, it would follow in the coming days further information to the startup package.

Digital Austria as a new digitization umbrella brand

The startup package is to become part of the Federal Government’s digitization strategy. Digitization was defined as one of three key issues for the Governmental Examination and throughout the year. As part of the exam, the Digital Austria platform was also presented :”It was like being in a company. Each minister has presented his digitization topics. And we summarize this under the umbrella brand Digital Austria”, says Schramböck about the background. Currently, it is still an information platform. In the next step, Digital Austria should become an interactive platform in which an active discussion takes place in which, among other things, experts and citizens are involved. Responsible for the platform is the digitization agency DiA.

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