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Startup Award winner Yamo: What is being planned for 2019?

The Swiss start-up Yamo sells fresh baby porridge: 100% natural, organic and completely without additives. Last year, the young company won the Startup Award at the Digital Commerce Award.

What has happened since then and what is planned for 2019

You won the Digital Commerce Award in the Startup category last year. What happened since then?

Very much. We have only been on the market since November 2017, shortly after the Digital Commerce Award but then also expanded to Austria and Germany. Not only online, but offline as well. Since mid-2018, we have started a test at both dm and Coop.

The big challenge: yamo is fresh, i. must be kept refrigerated. However, as our partners think very forward-looking, they have given us the unique opportunity to become the first refrigerated baby food in European retail. But our main business is still online and we were able to grow enormously in our first full year. And the expansion was also worthwhile, Germany is already a lot bigger for us than Switzerland.

How did the victory in May help you?

It was a big surprise for us, which of course made us all the more happy. First and foremost, it was a huge motivation boost for the whole team. After all, the first place in such a prestigious competition is not won every day. In addition, it is also a confirmation to our trading partners and investors that we are on the right path.

In addition to the award, you could celebrate many further successes: You could win Ringier Digital Ventures and btov Partners as investors, you came to the dm branches and even to the Coop. What’s planned for 2019?

2019 is our second full year, so we are still at the very beginning of our adventure. This year’s focus will be on a continuous build-up of our platform with many new features, including the launch of new products, further strong growth in B2C and an expansion of our retail distribution.

Online food trade has been restrained so far, but for 2019 the big breakthrough is predicted from different sides: how do you estimate that?

Difficult to say. If you look at the market share of online food channels in other countries, such as UK or even blatant South Korea, then we are in Switzerland still almost prehistoric.

But I am firmly convinced that this will change massively in the coming years in this country. Sooner or later, new logistics concepts and the continuing increasing affinity to e-commerce will also drive the food category enormously.

Which startup would you nominate for the 2019 Startup Award and why?

I think the guys from Qaveman are doing a great job, a new brand in grooming and shaving for men. I think you will hear a lot from them…

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