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Startup LimonX launches private sale of its token

Founded in January 2018 by Blockchain enthusiasts, LimonX began as a platform where users could exchange their cryptocurrencies for Amazon gift cards. A year later it has expanded its partnerships with hundreds of brands such as Amazon, Apple or Steam and includes new features such as prepaid cards.

Initially LimonX was called, which means “spend your bitcoins”, the company changed its name to better serve the international market.

Solves the problem of the fungibility of cryptocurrencies to be able to spend in physical stores or online safely and without problems.

LimonX already working the field

As most brands and stores still do not support cryptocurrencies due to their high unpredictability and volatility in the market. LimonX has received a very positive response from the French community.

Now they are ready to implement their solutions for both individuals and companies related to cryptocurrencies in Europe.

Guillaume Dieudonne, CEO believes that “the next step for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is the issue of fungibility.”

The mission is to close the gap between cryptocurrency assets and everyday life

The increasing purchasing power of cryptocurrency users is essential, especially in countries like France, where banks are still cautious with transactions with funds related to cryptocurrencies. The company addresses this problem with a simple but very effective solution: gift cards. In addition to this, it also solves the problem of price volatility as the company assumes the exchange rate risk, allowing individuals and companies to spend their cryptocurrencies at the exact moment they wish.

How does LimonX work?

Choose your gift card from more than 500 brands from your favorite stores and add to your shopping cart

Choose the amount between 20 and 250 Euros, you can buy as many as you want up to € 2,500 per order.

Pay with any of the accepted cryptocurrencies, BTC, ETH, ZEC, XMR, XEM, VTC, NEO, LSK, KMD, ETC, DASH, DOGE, DGB or BCH

Soon with each purchase you will earn LXMC, it will be available as a means of payment in the third quarter of 2019

It is starting the next phase of its development with the launch of its new platform, its mobile application, the money-back program and the progressive incorporation of new brands in several European countries.

Opportunities for investors

In parallel, it is opening new opportunities for investors in cryptocurrencies and traditional participate in private sale.

he LimonX company decided to operate its system based on a block chain in Leverage Test (POS) for three main reasons:

  • Increase the privacy of transactions.
  • Support for instant transactions
  • Enabling votes on proposals to improve the LMXCoin
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