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Startup piurana Agros wins regional technology competition at MIT

Agros, a technology-based company from Piura, won at the regional stage of the Inclusive Innovation Challenge, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which this year brings together more than 60 organizations from around the world that use technology to Create economic opportunities for workers.

The Peruvian company Agros won the award in the “Access to Technology” category with its TeleAssessory platform that facilitates the digital and financial inclusion of small farmers. The same one that was highlighted in the award speech by Andrew Mcafee, director of the MIT Sloan School.

“Agros is an example that technology in good hands generates hope in the world”, he said.

Currently, the company is working on a technological solution aimed at small farmers, which provides access to specialized advice remotely and at a low cost. In this way they grant training, growth and development opportunities to the agricultural sector.

“The small farmer has a leading role in the food chain that is to ensure the food security of millions of families in the world; but paradoxically they suffer needs such as capital, technology, technical advice, inputs that affect the production of their crops and as a result do not generate good income that allows them to have a good quality of life”, said Robinson López Monzón, CEO of Agros, a company that forms part of the UTEC Ventures portfolio.

On November 21, AGROS will travel to the Official MIT Headquarters in Boston Masachussets, to participate in the Global final with the finalists of the other 4 regions (USA and Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe), of which 4 winners will be creditors of a total of one million dollars.

From the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge

The competition awards more than one million dollars in awards to ventures in four categories that comprehensively represent the types of solutions needed to build an economy that works for everyone in the digital era: Financial Inclusion, Income Growth and Job Creation, Skills Development and Opportunity Matching, and Access to Technology.

The Regional competition was held in Mexico and was aimed at innovative ventures in Latin America, and selected four finalists, one for each category.

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