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Startups: How to create the management of your dreams. The Shpock case

Five women and four men form the new management team of the online marketplace Shpock. In addition, the structure of the company was changed.

The online marketplace Shpock has restructured and in early April presented the new management team around the Spaniard Esteve Jané. The company’s new management team is made up of five women and four men, including first-team team members as well as external replacements.

Feedback tips from Shpock founder Armin Strbac

The founding duo of Shpock, Katharina Klausberger and Armin Strbac, had already given up the management in 2017. In addition to Esteve Jané (CEO), the new management team includes Rasika Krishna-Schmid (Chief Product Officer), Sandra Weber (Chief Community Officer), Stefan Lingler (Chief Technology Officer), Maria José Freijedo (Chief Financial Officer (Interim)) , Alexandra Kleemann (Head of Marketing), Gerhard Kreuch (Head of HR), Flora Gall (Head of Strategy and Business Development) and Nemanja Dubravac (Senior Staff Software Engineer).

Esteve Jané joined the company last fall as the new Managing Director. “When ordering the new management team, the main focus was on internal development – with the accumulated knowledge of recent years and the new strategic orientation, we are ready for the future,” says the CEO.

Lean Development at Shpock

In concrete terms, this means that Shpock is now defined as a “product-centric company”. In addition to the hiring of the new Chief Product Officer, the Lean Development Method was introduced. The approximately 40-strong development team is now organized into independent “squads”, which means that new features should be implemented more quickly. The new management team, on the other hand, will focus on monetization and sales over the coming months. The plan is to break even before the break even this year.

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