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Startups that grow thanks to the simple and effective digitalization: The Jump Into Tech case

The startup led by a 25 year old millennial has digitized Micappital, the sports manager SGV, Fodena and the London fund 360 Fund Insight among other websites and apps of prestigious companies

Digitizing a business with character, efficiency and attractive design is not easy, nor does it seem simple, and a priori is considered an expensive and cumbersome task. However Jump Into Tech (JIT) is responsible for doing it for two years now with the enthusiasm and professionalism that young experts put in doing things well, and enjoy that work above all.

That character is what has allowed Jump Into Tech to do its bit in the digital triumph of entities and companies such as Micappital (fintech that manages more than 9 million €), Fondena (foundation presided by HRH Don Juan Carlos I), SGV, own project of JIT and the Samaranch family, which will manage a children’s soccer tournament in China, the London investment fund 360 Fund Insight, the Torrealta cattle ranch, the Zander talent app, the Jokko African project, Video Nudos , the artist Pablo Manso, Egogames, Connecting Visions, the great Accecity project, an innovative app for town halls, as well as many other companies, have placed their present and digital future in JIT’s hands.

Micappital, investment in the palm of one hand

With the mobile and the Micappital platform from its optimized website, it is possible to become a small or medium investor in a simple, safe, easy to understand and even intuitive way. In a successful and attractive design with a comfortable scroll, users first answer a small test and then they can already get their investment plan fully customized, which they can also manage and control through the bank that they want.

The colors are relaxing and the information is clear, affordable and direct, which gives it great operability for anyone, no matter how distant it is to the world of investment and finance. The web of the Micappital fintech turns thousands and millennials into savers, because it brings them from their digital world, to the unknown world of money.

Micappital contacted Jump Into Tech (JIT) to be the authors of its digitalization. “They had the design of how they wanted their business to be, they looked for a supplier to do it, they knew that I was starting (you could say it was their first client) and they asked for the programmers (now their partners) with whom Bosco González del Valle was making his first project”.

Among the difficulties and challenges posed by the web, they avoided the fact that it was a tailor-made product. “That’s why we had a lot of difficulties interpreting what the client wanted. Although they knew it very well, it is not always the best thing to do. The client knows what he wants but there are always millions of variables that nobody had thought about, with the dilemma of whether it is obvious or not and if there is to charge it. Then we tried to define the maximum at the beginning, but things escape until there is no real content. In JITS they are very much the digital image of the successful Micappital”.

SGV, the ambitious management of Chinese soccer tournaments

The SGV Tournament Consultancy is a sports platform to manage tournaments, which acts as a social network or market place for amateur players and tournament organizers in order to facilitate the process of searching and registering them.

The scheme, the design and the functionality of the application is very novel. All football tournament organizers from a large country, such as China, are registered. It is a personal project of Juan Antonio Samaranch Bigelli, son of the remembered president of the IOC, Juan Antonio Samaranch, which has become a reality through the vision and work of the technicians of Jump Into Tech.

Through an agreement with the Xinhua News Agency, the platform is used to manage the Samaranch Cup (Samaranch-Cup, secondary league), the first formal and digitized soccer league system among Chinese high schools. His idea is to start in China and then bring it to Spain

Its design was one of the challenges, as it is a social network, so many variables are produced and there are infinite tests to be done, but in the end the most complicated, but at the same time interesting, is that it is in China, and everything is different; from the servers to any other tool.

Fondena, take care of nature with a click

Fundación Fondena (Fund for the Protection of Nature) needed to modernize and have a digital presence according to its importance. Created in 1982 and whose board of directors has the honorary presidency of King Emeritus Don Juan Carlos I, he needed to have a presence in the network that at the stroke of a mouse, but without shrillness, allowed him to understand the dimension of his work in favor of conservation of nature and animal species, such as griffon vultures or Iberian lynxes.

Said and done

Jump Into Tech studied the design needs of such a specific content. With impressive photographs and a distribution of information, it is more than clear the projects they have supported, who forms their patronage, which are the important companies that finance and help, and the trajectory of their well-known prizes and awards, as well as access to all The information that any student of nature may require on how to access their funds and awards.

The Fondena website is also made to measure. To differentiate it, a design study was carried out, in which the prevalence of green color was chosen throughout the web, as representative of any environmental content, such as the field. It’s the secret of JIT; get a lot in the role of the business you are digitizing.

360 Fund Insight, investing in London

This London investment fund, of great importance in the UK, sought to appear on the web in a pleasant and innovative way and after public digitalization relied on Jump Into Tech all its internal digital organization (information for its customers, management of funds etc.) . The challenge was to be able to internalize, understand and offer all the complicated financial information in a simple and understandable way.

Like JIT with its image, the fund aims through the web to attract investors who feel it is easy to try to make their money profitable, through truly independent advice that facilitates the best execution transparently and profitably, but using technology of Vanguard.

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