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Surprising facts about startups

The dynamics of founders are high, but in the long run only one in ten startups survives. Berlin is one of the most dynamic ecosystems for founders.

The economy for startups is still good, especially in Germany. Venture capitalists have put a record amount of nearly five billion euros in young companies last year. Entrepreneurship figures and their innovations are also impressive worldwide. After all, in the world’s population of more than seven billion people, there are more than 400 million founders around the world, as a scientific study proves.

They set up 100 million start-ups worldwide each year. And in the same period, 86 million new start-ups are shut down. This proves that the dynamics of founders is high, but in the long run only one in ten companies survives or in other words nine out of ten startups eventually give up.

The best cities for start-ups currently include Beijing, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Cairo. And regarding the entire startup ecosystem, Boston, Berlin, Bangalore, Istanbul and Sydney are currently ahead, as a recent study shows.

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