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The enigma of Airbnb and the false “guests”: why is it creating a housing crisis?

The majority of Airbnb offers in almost every city worldwide are entire houses or apartments, not rooms with a “host” According to a recent interview published in El País with the vice president of Public Policies of Airbnb, Chris Lehane, the platform is a sustainable tourist option because it allows…

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Charlotte Hogg, VISA CEO: The era of invisible payments

Charlotte Hogg, the head of the Visa business in Europe, is the quintessential British establishment. His grandfather, Viscount Hailsham, was first Lord of the Admiralty, his father, Douglas, served as Minister of Agriculture in the Government of John Major, and his mother, Sarah, who has the Baroness treatment, was the…

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This European Fintech saves merchants millions of dollars

Adyen NV is a fintech that saves millions of dollars to merchants by streamlining card payment transactions. The financial technology firm, which is located thousands of kilometers from Silicon Valley, is making its founders gain much more. The chief executive, Pieter van der Does, the technology director, Arnout Schuijff, and…

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