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The technological events and ‘fintech’ essential of 2019

When: From January 29 to 30

Where: Paris (France)

The French capital will host this month more than 150 CEOs of fintech companies from around the world in the fourth edition of the forum, which is sponsored by Emmanuel Macron. Throughout these two days they will tackle key topics on digital finance and ‘fintech’ through more than 100 panels and interviews at one of the most exclusive events in Europe.

When: From February 12 to 13

Where: Florida (USA)

Future Digital Finance will gather in Florida some of the most brilliant minds in the country to discuss how to transform the customer experience and how to design viable strategies that adapt to changes in consumer expectations. Speakers will include personalities from large multinationals such as Wells Fargo and HSBC, as well as small and innovative ‘fintechs’.

When: From February 25 to 28

Where: Barcelona (Spain)

Doubts about its continuity in Barcelona have already been dispelled, and the most global technological appointment of all those taking place in Spain will probably present new mobile models from Huawei, Samsung, LG or Xiaomi, in a contest featuring the 5G, hyperconnectivity, the Internet of Things and virtual reality. At the end of June his Asian ‘brother’, the MWC Shanghai, will be held.

When: March, June, October and December

Where: Singapore, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Las Vegas (USA), Hangzhou (China)

Divided into four conferences throughout the year and the planet, Money20 / 20 is an opportunity to share new ideas and explore disruptive paths within the ecosystem of financial services. The future of money, whether from the hand of established sector leaders such as BBVA or startups that have just started, is in Money20 / 20.

When: From March 11 to 13

Where: Madrid (Spain)

MoneyLIVE lands in Madrid with two essential conferences for everyone interested in the world of banking: MoneyLIVE: Cards & Payments and MoneyLIVE Retail Banking Europe. A three-day event where you can connect with all the news related to payments, IoT, open banking and ‘fintech’.

When: From April 2 to 3

Where: Barcelona (Spain)

The ‘fintechs’ have come to stay. Under this premise Bank + FinTech seeks to illustrate those present in these new business models and how banks are adapting to them. An event that will try to show the benefits of collaboration between banks and fintech companies.

When: From April 15 to 19

Where: Vancouver (Canada)

The TED Talks have become a kind of standard of outreach conferences. His speakers cover all fields of knowledge and all scales of popularity, from Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk to American presidents like Bill Clinton. Although held throughout the year throughout the world, the main event of TED – Technology, Entertainment and Design trends – takes place during four days in April in the Canadian city of Vancouver, a feast of wisdom and revelations in talks of 18 minutes

When: May 8 and 9

Where: Madrid

Some 10,000 technology professionals from around the world will meet at the Ifema in Madrid for the fourth year in a row to discover what service robotics will surprise us in the coming years, and all its interconnections with the AI, industry 4.0, drones and the aerospace technology or logistics 4.0. Among the speakers, specialists like Irakli Beridze, of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics of the UN, which works to elucidate the dangers and ethical dilemmas of the next generation of intelligent machines.

When: From May 13 to 15

Where: New York (USA)

Organized by CoinDesk, Consensus is the standard of the Blockchain Week in New York, the summit par excellence in what refers to ‘blockchain’. In 2018 it almost quadrupled its attendance with respect to the previous year (from 2,200 to 8,400 people), a jump in line with the expectations generated by this technology. In 2019 important ‘startups’ of the sector, financial giants, academic institutions and investment funds will meet again in New York to discuss the uses that blockchain can make in the very near future.

When: From June 10 to 14

Where: London (United Kingdom)

Despite the threat of ‘brexit’, London continues to represent the main axis of technological innovation in Europe, and its Tech Week connects large companies, ‘startups’ and creative minds from around the world with more than 250 events spread throughout the city . In the 2019 program, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, stands out as one of the most outstanding speakers.

When: From June 11 to 13

Where: Los Angeles (USA)

The biggest fair of video games has received the blow of the absence of Sony in 2019 (it is rumored that because the Japanese company will hold its own conference in order to present the PlayStation 5), but it remains a mandatory meeting place for professionals and fans of what may be the cultural industry that has grown the most in this century. Microsoft and its XBox, Nintendo or Epic Games (creators of Fortnite) will announce the news that will burn screens and controls in the coming months, and will be announced avant-garde immersive experiences for players.

When: From September 5 to 6

Where: New York (USA)

An appointment in which to discover the new advances in artificial intelligence and techniques of ‘machine learning’ applied to the world of finance by the hand of some of the leading innovators in the financial sector. It will feature 50 speakers from prestigious companies such as Visa, Morgan Stanley or MasterCard.

When: October

Where: Madrid (Spain)

The main focus of encounter between ‘startups’ and investors from southern Europe and Latin America, in which a hundred projects, chosen from thousands, are presented to potential investors to achieve their dream. In addition, the winning startup of the South Summit competition opts for a one million dollar investment in Silicon Valley.

When: November

Where: Madrid (Spain)

Since 2012, Big Data Spain has been held in Madrid, a conference dedicated to data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud or quantum computing. In its latest edition, 1,700 specialists in these fields attended 80 lectures offered by titans such as space engineer Patrick E. Rodi (Rice University), Holden Karau (Google) or Paco Nathan (Derwen).

When: From November 11 to 15

Where: Singapore

With 40,000 attendees, it is the biggest global event on ‘fintech’, a platform – in its own words – “for connection, collaboration and co-creation among the ‘fintech’ community,” which delves into topics such as the banking business in the digital age or the impact of artificial intelligence in the financial world. The SFF can boast of having the necessary muscle to get the prime minister of India or the director of the IMF among its speakers.

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