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Blockchain startup Harmony working on creating a decentralized protocol

Harmony announced today that it raised USD $ 18 million from a series of investors. This includes Lemniscap VC of Hong Kong, BCA Fund of Australia, UniValues Associates of Singapore and Consensus Capital of Silicon Valley, and others. The co-founder, Nick White, announced to CoinDesk that the sale of tokens…

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The details of Apple Card: What kind of competitor is it for your fintech?

In September 2014, Apple introduced Apple Pay, its own payment system. Five years later, and after 10 billion transactions behind him, the Cupertino-based company goes one step further and launches Apple Card, its first credit card. After reaching an agreement with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs, the firm led by Tim…

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Technological giants pay less taxes: Avoid this for your startup

Getting large corporations to pay taxes where they do business is as difficult as catching water in a colander. This is demonstrated repeatedly by the accounts of these multinationals. Those corresponding to 2017 reveal that it was a great year for your business in Spain. The Spanish affiliates of Google,…

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