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When do Google, Apple, Samsung and Amazon recognize that they can share your data with the authorities

As time goes by we realize how much many social networks and internet services know about us thanks to the information we have been providing for years. Something that becomes scandalous if you are a person jealous of your privacy. But, despite the fact that this type of personal data…

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Are the digital voice assistants of Google, Apple and Amazon safe for the privacy of their users?

A series of privacy errors in recent months have raised new concerns about the future of digital voice assistants, a growing market considered by some to be the next frontier of computing. Recent incidents involving devices from Google, Apple and Amazon giants show that despite the strong growth in the…

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Why the USA government investigating on the four technological giants

For a long time, the Internet giants have been targeted because of the enormous amount of information they manage and the way they protect the data of millions of users around the world. For that reason, in Washington, politicians of all spaces, allied to give a new battle against the…

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The new Apple era: Coming with video services, games, news and Fintech

Apple held this afternoon at the Steve Jobs Theater the most important services-focused conference in its history, confirming what some of the media had advanced such as “Apple’s reinvention of a service company”. With an installed base of hundreds of millions of devices; With the most profitable application store on…

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Tech giants evaluate entering the financial system

The technological giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple have touched the door of the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) to enter the financial system. How are things going? The president of the organization, Adalberto Palma, acknowledged that he has met with representatives of these firms, which are…

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Apple buys another AI startup to make Siri better

Apple has taken over the AI startup Laserlike. The technology of the provider should benefit especially Siri. With Laserlike Apple has taken over the end of 2018, a small California machine learning startup. This reports the information, citing insiders. Laserlike was founded four years ago by three former Google developers.…

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