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Global expansion: Why the US should be looking at Africa? BRCK acquires EveryLayer

Kenyan Communications hardware company BRCK acquired the assets of Nairobi Surf-based Internet provider and its US parent, EveryLayer, in a purchase agreement for an undisclosed amount in February. About EveryLayer Based in Nairobi, Surf is an access point service provider aimed at providing affordable internet for lower income segments. BRCK…

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Three FinTechs join forces to gain digital assets

Three Swiss startups are pooling their core competencies and are jointly launching a wealth management platform for asset managers, family offices and banks. FinTechs Fin Cube, 3rd Eyes and Investment Navigator have been looking to make asset management easier for business customers. However, every startup for itself, each with a…

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Large Swiss private bank offers storage and transfer of digital currencies

For many experts and also a part of the community it is now clear that the mass adaptation of digital assets will only take place through the offer of large institutions. A big step in this direction is the Swiss private bank Julius Baer. In today’s press release, the bank…

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BTC safer than US $? Bitcoin becoming global reserve asset

Since the creation of Bitcoin (BTC), the narrative surrounding the value proposition of the asset has varied drastically. At first, the cryptocurrency was apparently pure, digital money. Now, BTC has been considered a digital gold by many experts, who affirm that the non-inflationary, borderless and fungible nature of the asset…

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