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Large Swiss private bank offers storage and transfer of digital currencies

For many experts and also a part of the community it is now clear that the mass adaptation of digital assets will only take place through the offer of large institutions. A big step in this direction is the Swiss private bank Julius Baer.

In today’s press release, the bank announces that it has entered into a partnership with StartUp SEBA Crypto AG. This is to enable customers of the bank to safely store and transfer digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. Julius Bear hopes to work with them to provide their customers with a market-leading digital assets solution while increasing demand.

According to the press release, the partnership enters into force with the approval of the banking and securities dealer license to SEBA by FINMA (Financial Supervisory Authority in Switzerland). The service should not only provide the storage of digital assets, but in the future also be extended by the possibility of transactions and investment solutions.

The Swiss private bank seems to be more than convinced of the future of digital assets. Peter Gerlach, Marketing Director at Julius Baer, says:

At Julius Baer, we believe that digital assets become a legitimate part of any investor’s portfolio. The investment in SEBA and our partnership are a testament to our commitment to digital assets and our commitment to providing innovative and groundbreaking solutions for the benefit of our clients.

Julius Baer is not the first Swiss bank to take a first step in this direction. Vontobel also caused a stir in January when it announced it would offer the storage of digital assets.

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