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Why do you search Fortnite’s ‘black hole’ code on Google Maps? This is the truth

On Sunday, October 13, various users returned to social networks not only to detail what is happening in the new Fortnite event, but an unusual event that caused the entire map of the Epic Games video game to disappear completely. Various theories have caused users to despair and have not…

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Both Mastercard and Wells Fargo have been actively exploring the benefits of blockchain technology

The main executives of Mastercard and Wells Fargo agreed that the blockchain technology has a long-term potential. But to date it has not been done. Tim Sloan, Managing Director of Wells Fargo, and Ajaypal Banga, Executive Director of MasterCard, agreed that the potential of distributed record technology (DLT) has not…

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How each country is managing the digital transformation of financial services

Since its appearance in the USA and the United Kingdom about 10 years ago, new financial technologies have spread around the world. Now, after years of proliferation, countries around the world are beginning to see their fintech industries mature. In addition, we continue to attend the birth of new hubs…

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