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Top AI Powered Text To Speech Converter API In 2023

Are you trying to find the best API to convert text to speech? Well, you are in the right place! You just have to implement this wonderful Text To Speech Converter API! Do you want to know more? Well, read this post to understand more details and news.

Text-to-speech technology converts written text into audible speech using a synthesized voice. This is accomplished using a process known as concatenation. The process involves a computer breaking down written text into individual words, which are then linked together to form sentences. The computer then pronounces those words and sentences through a synthesized voice. The first text-to-speech systems were developed in the 1950s and 1960s, but they required large mainframe computers and were therefore not widely available. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that text-to-speech technology became more widely used thanks to the development of smaller, more powerful computers.

Top AI Powered Text To Speech Converter API In 2023

Currently, this technology has managed to evolve to achieve incredibly realistic voices. The voices no longer sound like robots, on the contrary, they sound like human voices. If you want to convert text to speech, our best bet is to use the best Text To Speech Converter API available on the web. This API is called Woord API and it is the most complete service of all.

Use Woord API! It’s the best Text To Speech Converter API

There are many ways you can use Woord API in your life. For example, you may use it to listen to books on tape, or you may use it to listen to music while you are driving or working out. You can also use it for educational purposes; for instance, if you have difficulty reading certain types of print material. You can also use it for business purposes; for example, if you have a lot of written material that needs to be read aloud to your customers or employees. In addition, this technology allows blind or visually impaired people to listen to the contents of web pages.

Top AI Powered Text To Speech Converter API In 2023

With Woord API you can convert any text into audio. The outputted audio file can be in any format you want. Also, you can customize the voice’s accent and speed. Simply paste the text you want to convert into speech. After that, you will be receiving an URL link to download the audio file. All that you need to do is paste the text, and choose the gender, language, speed, and voice effects. That’s all! Furthermore, Woord API supports English, but also other world languages such as Portuguese, French, Canadian French, German, Russian, Catalan, Bengali, Danish, Welsh, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Arabic, among others. Also, there are male voices and female voices.

There are 3 plans available, with prices from 10 to 100 dollars. We recommend choosing the Pro plan, as it has more benefits. Prices are indicated in USD. Woord API accepts all major credit and debit cards. Their payment system uses the latest security technology and works with Stripe, one of the most trusted payment companies in the world. If you have any problems paying by card, you can pay with PayPal.

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