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Ireland turns its ‘startups’ into the EU against Brexit (which does not arrive)

The old tobacco factory in Mullingar smoked Ireland and part of Europe for half a century. Owned by the Imperial Tobacco Group, a former British monopoly with Victorian airs, those ships were a hotbed of machines that made cigarettes and packaged them. Today the facilities are the headquarters of a…

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Study: Start-up ecosystem in Austria matures

Venture capital investments have hit record levels. Tax relief and reduction of bureaucracy are intended to further improve conditions. The Viennese online travel agency Tourradar collected 43 million euros in June, while Bitmovin’s streaming experts based in Klagenfurt generated 24.4 million euros in April: mega-financing rounds are no longer a…

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It’s all about globalization: Austria concludes new startup partnership with Japan

The Austrian Federal Government also did some networking for startups as part of an Asia trip. In Japan, a new partnership was signed between the Global Incubator Network Austria, GIN for short, and the Japanese startup hub EdgeOf. The GIN is led by aws and FFG and is intended to…

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Good news: A quarter more money for startups in Austria

Austria’s start-ups collected a quarter more money from investors last year. The amount of publicly-known financing rose from € 138 million (2017) to € 173 million (2018), according to a study published by the consulting firm EY (Ernst & Young). Important info for startups: Which are the most interesting markets?…

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A European giant of online financing is emerging: What does this mean for startups?

The Austrian Finnest and the Finnish platform Invesdor are pooling their offerings to offer more different services in online financing. A new giant emerges among the European providers for online investments: The Austrian Finnest GmbH and the Finnish Invesdor Oy are merging their businesses and forming the new Invesdor Group.…

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These 3 numbers show how little venture capital startups get in Austria

The consultants have once again analyzed startup funding rounds across Europe and come to a positive conclusion: European startups raised 11 percent more venture capital in 2018 and the number of individual rounds increased by 15 percent. In absolute numbers flowed in 4,199 rounds 21.3 billion euros. Also in Austria…

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