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Legal action against startup? All you need to know about this matter

The “10-second toothbrush” of the Austrian startup Amabrush is due to the low Putzfolgs and lack of deliveries for some time in the criticism. The consumer protection association has now announced that it wants to take legal action against the startup. The brutkasten has contacted the founder of Amabrush, Marvin…

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An Austrian startup plans to buy US based startup agency with a stock swap deal

As the startup300 AG announced that it plans to buy the agency MINTED with a stock swap deal. On April first, startup300 AG announced that it would take over 100% of the startup and SME agency MINTED with a share or share swap of € 800,000. As MINTED founder Michael…

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Two domestic startups are involved in creating a government app

The new government app Digital Office for the platform did not fare well with the users in the first test. However, there were no complaints about the features coming from two domestic startups Anyline and Ubitec. It just does exist, the good reason why certain innovation processes at corporates…

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Viennese startup helps farmer to switch their agriculture to organic

The Balkans are known for their tasty ajvar, but not for organic agriculture. The Viennese social startup BioBalkan, founded in 2018. It helps farmers in the poorest region in Europe to switch their agriculture to organic and brings organic Balkan delicacies to Austria. Organic Ajvar with social impact Ensuring quality…

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How to get your first investor for your startup: Learn from this austrian crypto startup

The Austrian crypto startup blockpit has brought its first investor on board with the European Super Angels Club (ESAC), ESAC announced in a press release on 11 December. The investors involved ESAC is a European investor network in which, in addition to other partners, also the management consultants KPMG, PHH…

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