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An Austrian startup plans to buy US based startup agency with a stock swap deal

As the startup300 AG announced that it plans to buy the agency MINTED with a stock swap deal. On April first, startup300 AG announced that it would take over 100% of the startup and SME agency MINTED with a share or share swap of € 800,000. As MINTED founder Michael Raab and startup300 co-founder Bernhard Lehner confirms that, this was no April Fool’s joke. Since the IPO in January, startup300 has been obliged to publicly announce planned deals.

MINTED and startup300 AG

MINTED has a comprehensive range of consulting services for startups and SMEs in business plan development, fundraising, crowd-investing and corporate communications. Right from the start, they wanted to be a staff unit for the Austrian ecosystem. Which supports innovative projects in financing, explains Michael Raab. He expects comprehensive synergies from being embedded in the group of companies. This will make their joint offer even more holistic. With the power of the group, there are many more opportunities to support their clients in their projects.

Bernhard Lehner also emphasizes the synergy effects. One of their four mainstays is capital. Here they try to offer a complete chain of services around. Michael has a very broad financing knowledge that fits in perfectly with them, says the startup300 co-founder. Michael Raab has already worked well with the Conda Crowdinvesting campaign “We Are More”. Lehner met Michael as a very serious and fair man. They stayed in talks after the campaign and now it has turned out .

Annual sales as a rating

“Of course this is not an exit for me, but exactly the opposite. Now, together, we really increase the stroke rate. It was also important to me to show through the full exchange of shares, how strong my commitment to MINTED and startup300 continues to be. In addition, I’m indirectly involved in MINTED via the startup300 group anyway. With the rating of 800,000 euros I was more than satisfied. That’s about an annual turnover and for me a very special appreciation of our previous development. It was only in June 2018 that ECOVIS acquired a stake of 33.4 percent in MINTED. I am very grateful that ECOVIS and in particular David Gloser partner at ECOVIS also actively support the planned deal,” says Raab.

According to plan the deal is still to be completed within this half-year. Before that, there are still a few standard exams to follow. Raab assures they are striving to do this as quickly as possible. That something else intervenes, he does not believe. Lehner is also confident and said they have already gone a very long way. 

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