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Presenting 2gether, a collaborative banking platform that will revolutionize EU finances

This initiative of European scope and 100% Spanish capital, has a decentralized character and “works for and for the client” The client, besides being able to subscribe the best product or service and not pay commissions, captures the value generated by himself and the community as a whole In the…

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Update for banking startups: There would be more competition in the bigtech than in the fintech

To date, the relationship between traditional financial institutions and fintech companies seems to be more complementary and cooperative than competitive. However, the big technology, bigtech (such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple), which have already begun to venture into financial services in certain jurisdictions, could represent a greater competitive impact.…

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This Fintech steals bank customers by treating them better

In recent times, more and more companies decide to bet on improving their relationship with the customer and decide to provide personalized treatment. But, what happens when the person receiving the personalized treatment is the company? The firm MONI, an innovative digital financial services company, was one of the fastest…

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The technological leave the economic future of banking in the air

Technology floods everything and there is not a single corner without the internet being present. In fact, the most valuable companies in the world are technological. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple … are just some of the giants that move the “electronic threads” of the world. As an example, the latter…

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“Blockchain is not better than an Excel spreadsheet” Who said it?

Nouriel Roubini, a notorious critic of cryptocurrencies, has declared that blockchain “is not better than an Excel spreadsheet” during a panel organized by the exchange of LaToken cryptocurrencies, on January 25. Roubini is also known for having predicted the financial crisis of 2008, which earned him the nickname of Dr.…

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