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All about fintech in Switzerland: The banks have fate in their hands

Thanks to excellent conditions, the fintech industry in Switzerland is growing dynamically, as a study shows. She finds clear words on the prospects for the banks: further development or irrelevance. Martin Hess is Head of Economic Policy at the Swiss Bankers Association The Institute for Financial Services Zug (IFZ) notes…

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How to get cheaper loans for SMEs from Fintechs

FinTech portals on the Web are increasingly replacing financing requests via the bank. These offer a variety of flexible and tailored to individual company needs financial offers. In the US, around 80% of corporate financing is already bypassing conventional banks. In Germany too, alternative corporate financing through FinTech portals and…

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Avoid your company from being under pressure: All about the Sizmek bankruptcy case

Sizmek, the US-based ad tech company, has filed for voluntary bankruptcy in an effort to tame its “over-leveraged balance sheet”, a situation that reflects the increasingly tough market in which ad tech firms compete. What about the balance sheet? On Friday evening, the independent company issued a press release ,…

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Spain is leading the fintech world together with the United Kingdom

In Spain, banks and savings banks have adapted financial technology and big tech faster than their European competitors. That country leads the fintech world together with the United Kingdom. The article signed by Stefanie Müller, pointed out that in 2012 banks and Spanish savings banks were in the spotlight all…

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Adoption of cryptocurrencies is becoming more visible in different societies

Every day the adoption of cryptocurrencies becomes more visible in different societies. The enthusiasts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc., are constantly increasing, and the financial authorities of each country are aware of this. However, many of these institutions have reservations about digital currencies and have preferred. This is due to…

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PayPal will expand its network of banks and fintech

PayPal allows stores in Costa Rica to offer their products or services in more than 200 countries in which PayPal has coverage. These partnerships will make it possible to withdraw funds from your PayPal account locally. Both alliances offer Costa Ricans speed, security and convenience in their transactions, since they…

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