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Want to catch up on what’s hot at FinTech? Come and meet people and computers in Berlin

The Israeli brain conquers Berlin: In two weeks (on December 11 and 12, to be precise), Germany’s capital, the strong economy in Europe, will host two international innovation events led by a group of people and computers: Fintech Junction 2019 – Fourth International Conference on Innovation in Financial Technologies To…

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Investors can now easily file tax and claim refunds

Only eight months ago Taxfix had collected eleven million euros, now investors invest another 27 million euros. As announced by the Berlin Fintech founded by Lino Teuteberg and Mathis Büchi today, the money comes from the existing investors. Among them is Valar Ventures, the investment company of Paypal co-founder Peter…

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Reasons behind the bankruptcy of a successful startup

Nine years after its launch, the once-successful project of the startup scene has gone bankrupt. The operation of the Germany wide nine branches should continue. When the first Kochhaus store opened in Schöneberg in 2010, the walk-in recipe book caused a sensation, as the founders described their concept. There was…

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Green startups, on point: Startup from Berlin saves the rainforest

The mother animal clings high on a left over stump in the almost completely cleared rainforest. Then the orangutan female is shot down, falls dully to the ground. Your baby will die of thirst and starve to death, workers will later kick the dried-up body with their feet. Orangutans are…

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How to attract investors Berlin logistics startup Fliit receives ten million

How to bring food to the customer, all dealers who want to sell online goods must consider. The Berlin logistics start-up Fliit offers a platform for this, where dealers can find suppliers. The startup is now receiving ten million euros in venture capital for the concept. The investors The Maersk…

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Volkswagen and Amazon web services to develop industrial cloud

Volkswagen and Amazon, through its Amazon Web Services division, have signed a collaboration agreement. For several years for the joint development of the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud. Which will combine the data of machinery, plants and systems of all the facilities of the German automobile consortium. According to the two companies,…

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