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Germany sets the investment record with 4.6 billion euros for Startups in 2018

Germany the startup founding metropolis Founders and start-ups were able to score more heavily in financial terms in 2018. Overall, start-ups in Germany were able to collect the record amount of almost 4.6 billion euros last year, 7 percent more than in the previous year. The number of investments reached…

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Legal Tech start-up from Berlin secures its first seed financing saving time on bureaucracy

VISARIGHT is an innovative startup from Berlin with a clear mission: to provide managers, skilled workers, and apprentices with a visa for Germany quickly, easily and inexpensively. VISARIGHT uses the latest technologies in the field of Legal Tech and works together with specialized lawyers for migration law. Even before the…

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Could it be legal? This european scooter startup wants to compete in the US

The Dutch startup Zero wants to roll up the European market from Berlin and competes against well-financed US players like Lime and Bird, which has already started a scooter pilot project in Bamberg. Smaller providers such as Voi from Sweden, the two Berlin startups Tier Mobility and Flash and Hive,…

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Look at How Many Millions these European Companies Invested in German Startups

Coparion, Runa Capital, Mobility Fund and Smava founder Artopé are jointly investing seven million euros in the mobility platform Vehiculum. The new financing will increase the investment to around 10 million euros. The Berlin-based company, founded by Melchior Bauer, Guy Moller and Lukas Steinhilber, plans to expand its platform into…

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Google’s new headquarters in Berlin offering job opportunities

The American technological giant Google opened today in Berlin its new headquarters for Germany. Here it will host about 300 workers, more than double those currently employed in the capital. The opening of the new facilities came just three months after the withdrawal of the controversial Google project to open…

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Berlin satellite startup Exolaunch offers co-operation center into space

Small satellites are irreplaceable for communication and observation of the earth. A Berlin startup shoots them row by row into space. Business is booming. What exactly is Exolaunch? Exolaunch is a special carpool. The Berlin-based company shoots small satellites into space. The last launch took place in the Russian spaceport…

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