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The Universal Protocol Alliance launches a stablecoin named Universal Euro

The Universal Protocol Alliance, a federation of several blockchain companies. It will launch a Euro linked Stablecoin in April. The Stablecoin of Universal Protocol should therefore bear the name Universal Euro in short UPEUR and be 1: 1 connected to the euro. Users can earn up to 8% interest with…

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List of the cheapest exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

Within the options available to us to operate cryptocurrency, in addition to the CFD platforms, we have different types of exchange and even exclusive trading platforms for tokens. What is an exchange? Fundamentally an exchange is an online platform that allows the exchange of fiat money (fiduciary, explained below) by…

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Arbitrage of cryptocurrencies: What I have learned from my experiences

Lately, many posts have been talking about how traders get rich because of the arbitrage opportunities in the crypto market. I have tried arbitration for months, but I could never get a profitable strategy. However, I will tell you about the problems I encountered while trying. This can be beneficial…

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