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Blockchain: Most successful DApps

For those who do not know yet, we can define DApps as decentralized applications. With this, what is meant is that they are not administered by any central entity; On the contrary, they are the same users and members of said network who decide their operation through a consensus. In addition, its operations are registered in a chain of blocks, such as in the field of cryptocurrencies, which is why they enjoy a high level of security.

We already published an entry in which we introduced to our readers the concept of the DApps and how they work. We have said that there are several types of them: type I, type II and type III, but this time, we have given the task of selecting 10 of the best decentralized applications with which your users can learn a little about the way in which they work and their contribution in the technological field.


In general, websites that function as an independent job market require a payment so that users can register and, of course, charge a significant percentage of the profits for each job they accept. For example, Upwork, one of the largest freelance work platforms on the internet, charges $ 100 for every $ 500 earned, a fairly high figure, considering the large influx of registered people, which can make it difficult to be selected for a particular task.

Now, we will mention your counterpart in the DApps. We speak of Ethlance, another platform to facilitate obtaining a freelance job, only that it works in a decentralized manner.

It is an application that is administered by its own members, which is why there is no central entity that obtains profits for its administration of the contracts. On the contrary, it maintains itself without charging a single portion for registration or for any work, although it is worth emphasizing that there is a cost involved in each transaction.


Before speaking of Aragon, it is necessary to introduce the term DAO, formed by the abbreviations of the words Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which translated into Spanish means Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Keep in mind that companies arise to create a product or service of value that allows you to make profit from the use of certain resources. However, government entities act as mediators, and are responsible for restricting the operation of them according to different regulations, which translates into a decrease in their performance.

As the nature of the DApps is to operate in a decentralized manner, Aragon arrives as a solution to the problem posed. In this way, we have a platform that will eliminate intermediaries and replace them with smart contracts, which will facilitate operations among users. You can enter your official page through the following link.


Like the applications mentioned above, CriptoKitties is hosted in the Ethereum blockchain. It is a game in which the user has digital cats, known as cryptocolectibles, to which he can breed, collect, buy or sell. The cryptocolectibles are similar to the BTC or ETH, and the property of them will be recorded in said blockchain. You can access its official website through the following link.


The field of decentralized applications has become so wide that it has managed to cover different areas. In this way, we talk about Gnosis, a DApp dedicated to the prediction market, very useful for sports and betting. In this way, when conducting an international auction, Gnosis can help its users to predict the answers to complex questions or to predict the price of. Like other DApps, it has its own GNO token available in Bittrex.


We know that one of the biggest problems faced by Internet users, especially when it comes to making transactions on the Internet, is the theft of personal information and identity theft. We can say that this is common in centralized platforms, since they store the data of their users in a single site, making them an easy target for hackers.

To drastically turn this situation around, the DApp known as Uport appears, one of the largest projects in the Ethereum network. It is an identity provider issued by ConsenSys, with which the crime of identity theft on the Internet can be reduced. It is currently available only for mobile devices compatible with the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and you can access its platform by clicking here.

The developers of Uport consider that it is a very versatile project, with a large field of application for any platform or site that requires the verification of the identity of an individual. Such is the prognosis, which many claim could evolve and apply as a passport for the future.


To understand the functioning of the DApps can help compare them with the centralized applications to which we are accustomed, as is the case of social networks like Twitter. Despite having a large number of users, it is governed by a series of policies and conditions issued by a central administrator.

Something that has managed to afflict users of social networks is the inclusion of annoying advertising within the platforms. Leeroy arrives as a decentralized application that solves this problem, since it is completely commercials.

Leeroy is a network very similar to Twitter in which, according to the protocol characteristic of the DApps, users are allowed to publish content and receive rewards (tokens) for it. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that it is quite expensive, and it is not surprising for this great feature.

Decentralized News Network

Its name in English is Decentralized News Network, and is commonly abbreviated as DNN. It is a quite peculiar decentralized application, which is based on the publication of content, usually news, which are recorded in the chain of blocks, which as we know, is the basis of this type of program.

The editors that collaborate in this platform receive rewards according to the quality and veracity of the published articles. These are measures according to the ratings given to them by DNN readers, following the protocol of the DApps.

Similarly, there are other users in the network who will be responsible for reviewing the content of the editors and, more importantly, verifying the truth of the facts described in them. For this activity, they also receive a reward. In this way, we can conclude that the purpose of this decentralized application is to publish truthful and timely information, and discard that which is misleading, untruthful or manipulated.


Now, remembering once again one of the disadvantages that centralized management entails, we have the exchange houses or exchanges, which in the case of cryptocurrencies, have been the subject of many computer crimes for several years. This, as we said, for its vulnerability to store all the information of its users in a single database.

But of course, the DApps developers could not let it pass and have created Radex, a decentralized zero-rate exchange house for the Ethereum tokens (ERC20). It is the first exchange that is governed by the Saturn protocol, which is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), a protocol that allows processing a set of exchange requests in a single transaction.


Another of the difficulties that many present in the field of cryptocurrencies, for example, is that of the great competition that exists in regard to the computing power to mine. As a result, there are sites on the network that warn their visitors that they will use the resources of their equipment for this activity, as well as many others that do so without permission.

Now, Golem arrives to solve any type of problem related to insufficient computational resources. It is a decentralized application that allows external users to use the computing power of our machine, or allows us to lend it to others, all of these located at great distances.

Like the other mentioned DApps, it has its own token called GNT. When a person provides his computing power to another, the reward is in those units. However, Golem is still in beta.

UJO Music

We will finish this article with a decentralized application dedicated to the commercialization of music by different artists. His name is UJO Music, also supported by ConsenSys. You can enter your official page through this link.

We know that the field of music is full of competition, so it is very complex for new artists to make themselves known or to make themselves a place in the network. That is why UJO Music, an application based on blockchain technology, gives them the opportunity to enter and acquire fans without the need of a record label or publishers. With this, we have an application that allows artists to spread their music and gain profits from it, at the same time that their fans benefit from listening to them. Recall the consensus mechanism.

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