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Tag: Blockchain & Fintech

Fintech vs Blockchain: which one is the best investment option

A recent article by The Next Web (TNW) reports that although EU blockchain companies had a record year in VC investment, they were still lagging behind in fintech investments. They looked at Innovate Finance’s FinTech VC investment landscape report from 2018, which shows that fintech companies worldwide have raised $…

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A program based on Blockchain & Fintech to teach professionals

In India, one of the best business schools, known as the Indian Institute of Management of Calcutta. Considered one of the most outstanding business schools, is preparing to offer an educational program related to cryptocurrencies. Which will be provided as of May of this year. This program is based on…

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Fintech and Blockchain are the new trends of the financial system

The terms Fintech and Blockchain are part of the new trends in the financial system. It is dedicated to intermediating in money transfers, loans, purchase and sale of securities or in financial and investment advice. The first concept is the result of the union of finance and technology. Which refers…

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